Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hatter Days.

Today I bought a hat.

I rather love it, and the general consensus of family and such is that it is cute, despite the fact that my boyfriend and cousin spent the day making jokes at my hat-ly expense. I do have a habit of buying hats and hardly wearing them, but I have high hopes for this one.

I also bought this dress a few days ago. After seeing it on several French girls on various blogs I wanted it every time I saw it in my H&M (which so rarely gets anything good to begin with) but could not justify it's stupid price tag. Even when it went on sale at first I resisted, and good thing I did, till it went on sale again for ten dollars-- a reasonable price, I think. It's not terribly adventurous, as I do want to start exploring things outside of my general pretty and girly aesthetic, just a bit really, but I know I'll wear it often and all that.

Today we had no internet, and we went on a day trip to Woodstock, and tomorrow I am chained to the workplace, but be sure I have a list of interesting (I hope!) and gloriously delicious posts to subject the world to!


  1. I love the hat! And I, too, have a problem of purchasing hats which find their way onto my bedpost or easel. They do make good decorations...

  2. That hat looks perfect on you!

  3. Sweet outfit. I have the same habit with hats--I buy many and wear rarely.

  4. You look wonderful! I tried the dress on at H&M but alas it looks much much better on you than it did on myself.

  5. Oh it is a really cute lil dress, and I like your hat (of course). I hope it gets more wear then the hats of past.

  6. How funny, I almost bought a winter hat yesterday...I have plenty that I don't always wear but I love to buy them!
    And if anyone can do a floral dress it's you!

  7. That dress is definitely making the rounds. I turned my nose up at it because it was too short (and expensive). Then a few days later my friend was talking about buying it. Then it started cropping up all over the place on bloggggggs.

  8. The hat looks good on you!
    I love your outfit.

  9. you look so pretty in that outfit! :) I'm the same way with hats; I've told my girlfriends when we go antique-shopping together that they can't let me buy anymore hats! (or, at least until I start wearing the ones I have... rofl!)

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