Monday, June 23, 2008

Things of Happiness: Fruit Tarts

I am a lazy brat, I know it. Lately, I have had a hard time being properly inspired by happy things. This is not to suggest that I have been a miserable wretch, unhappy with the world, and draping myself over the furniture in a melancholy fashion (although, if I were to do that, I imagine all sorts of delicate lounge clothes which I would wear while doing so). In the end the topic was so obvious I almost perished for the shock of it.

I love food. I think about food often, I talk about it, I eat it almost constantly. I have a terribly sweet-tooth and barely any self-control. I think I've mentioned it before, but while I am terribly picky about spending money on most things I barely bat an eye at plunking down my dollars for snacks. Especially pretty ones.

Fruit tarts are among my favorite things.

1. box, 2. may07 004, 3. may07 002, 4. Why yes, I am obsessed with these tarts.

I've yet to make them myself, although my mother assures me they are not terribly difficult and I would certainly be able to manage. My favorites are raspberries and blackberries, the former because they are my favorite berry of all time, and the latter because their flavor is so strong and almost sour that it is just heaven with pastry cream.


I love reading cookbooks, I do use them but I read them more often than make anything, and Tartine is one of my favorites. I think it's clear the kinds of aesthetics I'm fond of, and the pictures in this book are certainly reminiscent of some of my favorite outfits, editorials, and art. This is of course not mentioning, except now I am mentioning it, that food is a huge inspiration for me! I cannot tell you how often I exclaim, with squeals of obnoxious delight, how much some article of clothing resembles food.


  1. Oh! I pictured you on a beautiful fainting couch when you talked about draping yourself in a melancholy fashion.

    I think we have matching sweet tooths, however there is nothing wrong with that. And those pastries look almost too good to eat! Almost.

    Thank you for the compliment! The dress is definitely short, but I'm very excited to pair it will tights and boots come fall.

  2. Tarts are not hard to make at all! I make a lot of tarts trough the summer. As you my favorites are blueberry and raspberry (mostly the raspberry ones...)

  3. Oh gosh, my mouth was watering looking at these pictures. I have a horrible appetite when it comes to meat and potatos and such, a few bites and I'm full, but I argue there is a second larger reserved exclusively for sweets. A tiny slice of chicken will satisfy my hunger, but for some reason I can compulsively eat three or four servings of icecreaam and cookies without breaking a sweat...

  4. Fruit tarts remind me of my stay in France, this post has made me all nostalgic! The pictures are beautiful.

    I'm having a picnic tomorrow and baking braided bread and cakes, but now I think I might have to go buy fruit also!

  5. i love tarts and just looking at them is fun!

  6. I practically live in tartine. The bakery always has the most delicious pastries!

  7. yum...this is making me hungry...

  8. There's a bakery in Portland that has the loveliest tarts. It's called Ken's Artisan Bakery, and I like going there on Saturday mornings to buy one to eat, to get a baguette for lunch, and then stopping by the upscale grocery nearby to look at all of the exotic fruits.

    I also have no self-control when it comes to food. My sisters make fun of me when I come home from college, and they tease, telling me that I have gained weight.

  9. Perhaps I should do some proofreading before I leave comments . . .

  10. Wow, those look mighty tasty. My biggest weeknesses are definately cookies and cupcakes. I love sweets way to much.

  11. i LOVE your blog
    i hope you wouldn't mind me putting a link for your blog on mine :)
    i've been following it for a while now

  12. Yummy!! I just got that book "I Like You" by Amy Sedaris and she has all these recipes for lemon tarts in there... I love tarts, too... I count quiche as a giant tart. My fave. Mmm.