Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tagged and Set Free.

Milla over at The Girl who Married a Bear tagged me! I love tags and memes, back in the day I was constantly filling out memes and surveys and online quizzes for my online journal.

Five things in my bag/purse:

(Here, you see everything except for my planner which I left on my desk when looking over my schedule)

A book (this week, The Lover by Marguerite Duras)
Umbrella with hearts and a bow
Target reusable tote (I go to Target almost every day. I am not exaggerating)
Two kinds of gum: bubble for fun and minty for teeth
Mini sewing kit (this was deeply over priced in my campus bookstore, but honestly it's been the best purchase I've made in ages)

Five favorite things in my room:
(it is very hard to photograph things in my room. For one, it is messy, and for another, I have terribly lighting because of the strange nature of living in an attic combined with orange walls)

Compact edition of the OED. My boyfriend bought me this for my birthday last year because I had a dream once that I could only afford to buy two volumes of the OED and loved them so much I slept with them next to me. This is a cool volume, the little box at the top has a magnifying glass in it so you can read the text! Also, a skull eraser and little train people!

Cat pictures (oh no, they are crooked!). Now, it is true that I love cats, but I'm not really obsessed with them. Nevertheless, people have always bought me art featuring cats. My favorite is the one all the way on the right. I got it for my birthday one year and it came with two other prints of a dog and something else, a rabbit perhaps, but I lost the other two. Also, books.

My record player and the table area it's on. Apologies about the fuzzy picture! As you can see, I have books piled all over the place. I've had a record player for a few years, my dad thrifted most of the parts from garage and estate sales and got it working for me. I use it a lot in the summer, or when I am sad (for some reason it makes me feel better, sometimes).

This is my favorite corner of my room. At the moment books are piled everywhere since I don't have anywhere enough shelves and very little space in which to fit them even if I did have some. My room is covered in books piled on every surface. But I like this corner.

Writing poetry on the walls. I went through a phase a few years ago where I wrote, in pencil, all over my walls in weird little places. I planned to paint over the bathroom/closet (I don't use it as the latter) walls so those are thoroughly scribbled on.

Five Things I'm Currently In To:

Arthur Rackham

Seals & Sea Lions

Maria Callas

Labyrinth (every few years I remember how awesome this movie is! How could I have forgotten?)

The Lover, Marguerite Duras (also in my purse, you will have noted! Honestly, I am iffy about the book itself, but I love the cover).

Five Things I've Always Wanted to Do:

Write something! Something good, that is worth other people reading.
Keep Bees (Yes, still!)
Work somewhere preciously quaint and whimsical
Find a secret garden/parallel world/faeries
Make fruit tarts

Five Impressions of the Person Who Tagged Me (Milla!):

One of my favorite people and bloggers! I love her clothes and her room, she seems like a wonderful whimsical person who I wish to toads I could hang out with! She is unbelievable sweet and imaginative, with the best mugs in the world :D

I tag: A Rainy Day in Paris, (formerly) Jobless (but still) Jaded, The Cupcake Diary,Vulgar Moon, and Virginia Blue (we love alphabetized things!).

I am now off to ready myself for Art on Lark, vintage sales, and food!


  1. This is really cool. I always like seeing pictures of other people's rooms--it's a tiny window into their lives. Out of curiosity, why do you go to Target everyday?

  2. Something about the proportions and the items pictured in your favorite corner of your room is making me think Alice in Wonderland!

  3. I'm so happy I'm not the only one that carries a book around in their purse! And isn't Target fabulous?

  4. Amelia: I don't know! I just find that I end up there almost every day. My boyfriend and I go often, there is almost always something we need there, and we just like it! The dollar section in the front is my favorite place :D

    Missa: yes! I think it's the tiny doll-bed, and the copy of Alice in Wonderland in the book pile.

    Amber: I know! I stopped for a while, but then I always needed something to read!

  5. I love your room! Your things are so pretty and darling I need to come peruse your shelves for great reads and have a book club with you maybe?
    And thank you for your sweet words, major blushing going on over here.

  6. i just found your blog while searching for lula #7...

    i love that you have samantha's bed out! i came across mine the other day and thought about bringing it out of storage. such a pretty little thing.

  7. I finally responded to your tag! Sorry!