Monday, June 23, 2008

Caught Again.

I was tagged by Sophie Jade of sweet dreams till sunbeams find me! I know it seems there have been a lot of tags around here lately, but I cannot resist a meme!

The rules went like this:
1. Choose runway pictures from any season you like and choose 3 outfits for day,evening and party
2. Explain why and state the name of the designer
3. When finished tag 3 other bloggers


3.1 Philip Lim

This is from a few seasons ago, I forget when exactly, but it is one of my favorite looks ever. I've been in meaningful love with it ever since I saw it, due mostly (I am sure) to the top-hat. When I was in high school I had a master plan to wear a small top-hat to prom or Holly Ball. I never did, but I still want one.

Rachel Comey

I love the dark school-girl look of this. It reminds me, inexplicably, of Tim Burton heroines and looks like something that sprung out of a library.

Rag & Bone

I've had this saved since I first saw it. I love its soft darkness and the almost excessive covered-up nature. Mostly, something about the fabrics make me want to touch it.


Erin Fetherston

I was undecided about which category this ought to fit in. I stuck it in evening because I am fond of the idea of florals at dusk and night. It is something I would certainly wear at all times, but I really like the idea of walking along evening streets in it.

Derek Lam

I love velvet, and the darkness of this (a theme!). It's sort of Victorian looking, in a strange way, which is deeply appealing.


Pants! Are you shocked? I don't really wear pants except to work or if I want to wear sneakers that don't go with dresses, but I feel I could make an exception for this. It's the top really, that giant strangely deformed bow calls to me.


Betsey Johnson

I'm not a huge Betsey Johnson fan but I feel it is only appropriate to include something of hers in the party section. Girly to the extreme, it would be tragic not to have something so frilly and pink and Barbie as a party dress.

Ralph Lauren

Decadent and brocaded and probably for the serious sorts of parties I never go to that involve large pieces of furniture and artwork. Mostly, I think this would look good next to a bookcase and the sort of house where things are heavy and substantial.


Short, black, lace minidresses frighten me but I want one. It sort of looks like it could be underwear, and I love the idea of going to a party and coming come with aching feet and throwing a lazy sweater over this and crawling in front of the TV.

(Also, I feel I must apologize for 'I feel' statements. There are abhorrent things pointing to the stupidity of millions, but I use them anyway.)


  1. The Erin Fetherston evening look is divine. Those tights are fantastic.

  2. Lovely picks. I'm afraid of wiggle dresses and lace black minis myself, something about overtly sexy looks makes me nervous...
    I quite agree with you on the whole bitterness towards fairytales; I don't remeber the exact point where I gave up on them, but there's always this crushed but not destroyed hope in me that wishes I could find something so much more than this... I still keep going back and reading them though.

  3. I love the looks you chose and especially your commentary on them. A lot of bloggers have been doing this tag, but it seems like you all manage to choose different looks. Nice.

  4. I like your choices of outfits, and like amelia said, your comments about them too.

  5. That Erin Fetherston dress is a dream. Maybe even The Dream.