Thursday, May 29, 2008

Things of Happiness: Patrick Wolf.

I've been collecting Things of Happiness ideas on my insane stickies application (they're there...somewhere) when one strikes me, so I may use it at a later date when the time seems right. Patrick Wolf has been on there for some time, and in such a difficult week as this (for no apparent reason is it difficult besides my inability to dress myself) I couldn't possibly dream of a better Thing.

I've been listening for about two years, although I initially rejected the notion because I'm a huge brat (I also refused to read Harry Potter and now I go to events in costume. I'm kind of an idiot like that). I have yet to be sick of any of his songs, albums, anything and after two years of listening almost daily that's something. It's all magical poetry and stories and noises that make my brain tingle with creative happiness.

I'm basically obsessed. Style-wise, it's all just about perfect. I didn't pick any, but a simple search on flickr garners tons of show-pictures illustrating this. Perhaps my favorite pictorial representations are found here, created by Caitlin Shearer (name twins! Almost).

Patrick Wolf Set on Flickr

I love all of her art to pieces, the world and people she creates are just fantastic and tragic and beautiful beyond by ability to articulate. I'm kind of a big secret fan. She also has an Etsy shop here, from which I mean to order something as soon as I am not the poorest little pauper in the world.

But, back to the Thing of Happiness. It's music an aesthetics and wonderful things that I love. For the record, my favorite song is, I think, Augustine. Both because it's pretty and all that, and also because it's my grandmother's name and I am constantly grasping at strings to connect to other things.


  1. Aw, thanks! I'm so excited to get the shoes.

    You know, I haven't listened to Patrick Wolf. What album do you recommend? I'll get it.

    I relate to your post below! Sometimes, I don't feel quite right in certain things either. Like, I feel find in high waisted skirts but I'm still warming to actually wearing high waisted shorts. I think the ruffly skirt looks great! I'd probably wear it with boys tshirts.

  2. Omg read Harry Potter!

    That is all.