Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things of Happiness: Gone to Seed Dandelions.

“I decided to busy myself with our unkempt lawn. Une petite attention. It was crowded with dandelions [...] Most of the dandelions had changed from suns to moons(Lolita, 73).

At the moment they are all being pummeled into disintegration by the torrential downpour that has, once again, graced us with its presence. Only a few days ago I was driving around, I can't remember if I was by myself or sitting quietly (as I rarely do) while my boyfriend drove us to Target for the 50th time, and even then maybe I was walking back from the thrift shop and I saw a field of dandelions gone to seed. It's a very snap-shotish memory in any case. The house, or field, owners clearly weren't around to see to their lawn as it had overgrown to epic proportions, past the point where it's really unsightly, and gone right into soft long bits of grass that would be good for sitting in the middle of and being summery (except for ticks and other unsavory creatures).

1. Untitled, 2. White and Fluffy, 3. colors of spring, 4. Secret Life of Dandelion, 5. Dandelion, 6. morphology II

The really great thing was that all the dandelions had gone to seed, so not only were there thousands of fluffly little orbs hovering over the grass, and the stems were long and willowy and above everything else. It was quite a sight, and I wish I had thought to take pictures of it, but whatever I was doing I was in a rush to get somewhere else, and so the image is only be stamped on my brain. It was really gorgeous and wonderful.

Dandelions gone to seed are basically the greatest thing ever. I know they are the bane of other's existence, since they're fluffy little pilots are constantly released and embedded in grounds where they can sprout the little yellow weeds (which I also rather like when they're in huge numbers like in those weird stretches of highway dividers, the look like baby ducks), but I like them. I love kicking the (unnecessary juvenile violence) tops and sending the little things flying, and of course there is the much more lady-like way of picking them and blowing the seeds off like little parachuters.

When my cat showed up I tried to name her Dandelion, since she looks like one gone to seed, but like all the other names we tried to hoist on her it didn't stick (for those curious, she doesn't have name) but she still looks like one. Dressing like a dandelion includes more of the same of my current goal aesthetic: white dresses and skirts, things that are sheer and floaty, perhaps with black shoes and socks and things. Probably something like the little ones that fly around and look like little people with giant white dresses in Fantasia (even though they're not dandelions, but still, it's inspired!) using this dress because I can't stop wearing it.


  1. Hi. I just found your blog through a comment you left on Milla's blog, The Girl Who Married a Bear, and I think it's pure loveliness! Your posts are so charming and I found myself relating to so many of them.

    For example, I was just out in my backyard the other day showing my 8-month old how to blow on the dandylion seeds (don't tell my husband as he is waging war against them ;) and I was thinking to myself "These are so cool, I really need to do a flickr search on them." These pics have confirmed my sentiments and the one of the kid is so great!

    Also, thanks for reminding me how much I love the movie Fantasia, that scene is just magical! Anyway, love your blog and I'll definitely be back for more! :)

  2. Oh, I adore Fantastia! That child with the hair sticking out is just about the most adorable thing ever...

  3. Another lovely post! It reminded me too, of that wonderful montage from "The Virgin Suicides" where Lux blows on a huge dandelion. It's so dream-like yet vivid, like every image one sees that harks back to childhood. "Fantasia", another happy reminder of childhood and all it's wonderfulness...

  4. Thanks so much for the link! I love your blog for its literary-ness too. I find that writing about literature on my bog helps me remember how much I appreciate it, even when I'm particularly stressed out with school.

    I'm writing my thesis on Sylvia Plath, and a few months ago I came to the realization that I stopped liking the poems I'm writing about because I'd let all of the pressure and frustration upstage the passion I had for them. I think that was actually part of the reason I started a blog. Sometimes taking a subject to a different venue so to speak changes your attitude. This way literature can still be an escape for me even though it might also be stressing me out.

    I love that white dress! Very simple and comfy-looking. And I agree that dandelions are beautiful. I've always thought that it's a shame that they're considered pesky weeds. Daisy's too...there have been so many daisies out now that the weather is getting a little warmer. I love seeing huge white patches of them on people's lawns.

  5. Also, that kid is freaking cute!

  6. I love the collage! It´s really funny! :D Cute boy!
    And I really love your blog!
    Best greetings from Germany, Kati