Monday, May 5, 2008

Things of Happiness: A Favorite Snow White.

I am very attached to particular versions of books, whether it be with particular translations or certain illustrations of my favorite children's books. There is a certain version of The Little Mermaid that I cannot find and that I must have. I've had dreams about finding it, I look in every used bookstore, library, I do online searches every few weeks to see if it pops up anywhere. I know my school library had it when I was in first grade and then it disappeared (I think because it had bare-breasted mermaids in it). I have no idea how to find it, and in recent months I've been toying with the idea of seeing if the school might have a record of it.

Anyway, I was also very attached to a certain copy of Snow White that I owned. I thought we put it in storage with other books of mine, but it's gone missing. Last week I ordered it from Amazon (for forty-five CENTS. Amazing, I am full of joy) and it arrived today!

This is and has always been my favorite illustration from it, it's my desktop wallpaper now. As a child I loved the deer and hidden animals, and as I think on it, that particular dress has really been iconic in my brain. When I used to doodle fantasy, Lord of the Rings type outfits they often looked like that, and pale yellow and blue were often my favorite colors.

Note the iron shoes lying on the floor on the left-hand side. I love the strange, macabre, matter-of-factness of fairy tales.

Maybe it's because I've grown up to be an English major but I find the books of my childhood really have shaped how I move through the world, or rather my vision of the world, or something like that. Mostly, I think it's something that happens to everyone regardless of what they study, but it just makes me so happy to have this book again! And it's in better condition than it was when I had it (it had library stamps all over it)!

It also has a lovely inscription inside (I love other people's inscriptions):


Happy Birthday
To Stephanie-
On her 7th
from Naaa + Popper

(Stephanie read this whole book to me-- it was fabulous, fantastic, really great reading!)

Larger versions over at my flickr.


  1. I 100% remember that version of The Little Mermaid, lol! :-) I'll let you know if I see it.

  2. You do?? Omg, I need it. I only remember the illustrations, but I remember then so clearly.I wrote up a long thing once of all the things I remember about it, so that I won't forget anything! I also remember that when she went to see the sea-witch, there was a dead mermaid that got caught in the scary snakey things. Whatever, it was creepy and I need it, haha!

  3. The illustrations look amazing! I'm miffed we didn't have that version here, though I did have a pretty one, but it only a had a single illustration for each of the many stories. Maybe I should order one from amazon too. I'm with you on being kind of obsessed with fairytales.

  4. This book is stunning. I understand what you mean about fairy tales; they're have really influenced (and still influence) me as well :-)

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