Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Dream of Bows in My Hair.

A few days ago I had a, somewhat nondescript but enjoyable nonetheless, silly dream. Naturally, as dreams tend to be, it was ridiculous and involved something resembling a graduation or equally dramatic event at my campus (I was not graduating from anything, but my entire family was there and it was all very strange and eventually morphed into something too strange to even try to describe, as my dreams often are). The best thing about this dream was what I was wearing. I can't remember the dress, I don't think it was terribly spectacular, but I had some accessories which fill me with saddness at their non-existence in my real life.

Before I describe them in all their wondrousness, I must lament the fact that I don't often wear fantastic things in my dreams. I hardly ever remember what I was wearing, probably because things are so strange to begin with, and when I do it's something so divine that I wake up to bitter disappointment at not owning those things. I once had a dream that I hit the most amazing jackpot thrifting ever. I cannot begin to describe the thrift-euphoria I felt. Everything I had ever thought and wished of finding was there, in lovely condition, and for pennies pennies pennies! I had bags and armloads of taffeta things and slips and fluffy petticoats and vintage dresses that made my want to cry all over them.

Then I woke up, and for those few moments while I surfaced from my downy pillows and floral sheets, it was all real and had happened just the day before. Except that it wasn't, and it was a miserable sad feeling. Sort of like when you have dreams about people that you don't know, characters sort of, they don't exist anywhere else, and you are so close and they are your bosom-buddies and paramours and soul-mates and then you wake up and no matter how hard you try, you are prevented not only form returning to them, but also form remembering them at all and their details slip away and I always, always feel so guilty for not remembering them or their names. That's what that dream was like.

Anyway, this dream was not quite as heartbreaking. I was wearing a gigantic bow on my head. The sort I can't seem to help doodling all the time. I moved it around a few times, and eventually I situated it sort of to the side on the left side of my head, I think, and it was fabulously ridiculous. First of all, it was huge. It was bigger than my head and it was made of tulle. Purple, blue, and I think green tulle all somehow sculpted into this gigantic sheer bow I was wearing on my head. It was wonderful, and sort of reminded me of Howard Pyle's 'The Mermaid' in its coloring:

I love tulle bows. When I was little my mom used to make these hair thingies she called frou-frous, which were just tulle made into flowers with glitter paint on the edges and attached to a hair elastic. I loved them. A few seasons ago I attempted to replicate the black sheer bows from Chanel with slick ponytails:

Which did not work out so well because the materials I used were not heavy enough to fall correctly. Thankfully, I have the Spring 2008 Louis Vuitton to stare at and emulate:

My bow resembled these two most, although it was slightly more formed and slid jauntily to the side. I love it to death and the fact that I can create makes it eve better. I think, in my dream, it was also raining so the picture was made even more ridiculous with some kind of umbrella. It was an excellent dream.


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  2. I adore your illustrations (I think you should post more!), they're darling. I wish I remembered my dreams more clearly. And you do pull off bows so well.

  3. Wow, your story nearly made me feeling it's been my dream. So clear and imagery. Keep on dreaming such nice dreams.

  4. I agree with the clothes horse. Your illustrations are wonderful!