Friday, May 23, 2008

Hot Pennies, Burning Holes in Pockets.

This is an example of an Everything Was on Sale outfit:
Turtleneck: Express, bin sale, 5.60$.
Dress: Target, on sale twice over, 8.99$
Tights: Nine West, 1.99$
Shoes: Journey's, 9.99$
Flower Pins: Gap, .97$
Necklace: Garage sale, 3$

It's not as cheap as some thrift finds, but, I don't know, I think it's an example of the kind of digging and gambling on waiting to buy from my post a few days ago. I also ended up losing the turtleneck, as the weather warmed up and stopped raining, and throwing my usual H&M biker jacket over it all, which I think is a look I rather like more anyway.

(Winds are at about four-thousand miles an hour today.)

This dress is a miraculous find. I think someone tried to wash it at some point, and the crepe (mmm, delicious) shrank. This results in the strange ruffled effect at the hem, which I rather like, and a bit odd bunching at the neckline (it's sheer with a nude-colored cotton underneath, which did not shrink) that isn't really noticeable except when it gets uneven. It is also missing a belt and I only just noticed a tiny pull in one of the seams under the bust, but all this is overlooked because the skirt is so lovely, and it fits wonderfully. It's machine-sewn, but it has a tag inside that it was custom-made for someone. It was also twenty-five cents, which makes me love my local thrift shop even more.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice out, and so I plan to wear an outfit I've been saving for such a day. I think I may go to the library or the museum and take some furtive pictures!


  1. Black dress is magnificent, just the thing I'd wear to museum or gallery.

  2. I love the flower pin. I considered buying one, but they weren't on sale then and I didn't really know what I would do with it. I can't believe all of the deals you got.

  3. the black dress is ravishing!

  4. Lovely all around! That black dress is too cute, and i don't even much care for black garments. You've made me re-think that though...

  5. ah, you look so amazing again, like straight out of a fairy tale. which is a compliment I´m sure you like! ;)
    and how I am longing for a great sale! I bought a nice dress at a benetton sale last week but then the store was so packed with hysterical women I couldn´t bare staying any longer.

  6. Love the grey and black and the all black. And of course the dress was worth a quarter.

  7. That black dress is magic. Hurrah for washing "mistakes."

  8. amazing.
    the soft coloures.......sigh

  9. I adore the second photo! Great dress :-)

  10. i really like the black patent shoes in the first photo, so cute

  11. You have a lovely style! Great finds!! Do you like fashion illustration? If so please come and have a little look at my blog, it's fairly new but i've got loads of my work on there

    Paris xx