Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flowers in the Mall.

Once, in passing, I mentioned that Express had some really cute floral dresses that I wanted very badly in stores, but they weren't on the website until this week! Well that took much longer than it should have.

In any case, they're there! I really love them, although they are hideously over-priced (on the other hand, for Express, they're rather well-made. I just still can't justify that price tag) I go in and glance and get my grubby little hands all over them every time I walk by on my way to work.

They're a little more special than dresses I usually wear, a bit more for an event than something I think I could get away with wearing to class, but all the same when and if they ever get marked down I will have one! I just can't decide if I like the pale green floral one, or the pink. Life, it's hard.

Purple Haze Dress

Midnight Roses Dress

Green Meadows Skirt

I almost prefer the skirts, although that's also been kind of me thing lately. They also have some cute jersey maxi dresses with abstract flower-prints. I have to say I've been iffy on the long dress for my personal style, but I really like this one. The colors are much brighter in person, which is lovely, but I mostly really like the neckline which offers a bit more stability than most of the dresses I've come across.

knit Halter Maxi Dress


  1. How unbelievably lovely the pinkish blossoms look on the green fond. I totally understand your yearning...
    About my birthmark: I had it on my right calf. About yours: Don't get it removed unless you don't really have to. ... Oh. Sentimental feelings for that, isn't that strange?

  2. i agree, i can't pay those prices when i can find equally florally dresses at thrift stores for much less!!

  3. I really like each one of those!!! The green one shouder one is gorgeous :-)