Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dear Flowers: Tag, You're It!

This is the second dress I bought thrifting the other day. I've been a bit unsure of it as I'm not sure if it reeks too much of 90s and not in the good way, but I also think that I might not care. I love the colors, and the flowers, and it's a really great length.

I've also become a big fan of wearing as many floral things as I can at once. Today I've toned it down and kept it to two at a time, but the other day I was all about wearing every single floral thing I could find. I'll try to duplicate the sheer ridiculousness of it all since I'm quite sure it's going to be a regular happening in my life.

Also, I was tagged by the lovely Lady Melbourne! Five relatively unknown things about myself:

1.)I have many strange rituals and tendencies, which always worries me when I watch True Life: I have OCD but I don't feel like I have to do them, they just happen naturally. For example, when walking up stairs I often spell my name, in my head, and when I come to a landing I start over. When going down stairs I count, the same landing rules apply.

2.)I know I'm not the only person who does this, since I recently talked to someone else who did something similar, but numbers 1-9 have personalities. Or, they did when I was a kid. I can't remember if they were gendered, I'm tempted to say no, but they interacted with each other mostly in assigned pairs and there was all sorts of strange things going on. Like, 5,6,and 7 were a problem because 5 and 6 were supposed to be together, but 6 was in love with 7 and always ignored 5 (who felt sad because of it) and 7 ignored 6 because it was doing the rightful thing and loved 8. Weirdo kid.

3.)I am deeply awkward. This tends to come out most when I am forced to actually talk to people in the real world, who otherwise make the mistake of thinking I'm very quiet, when I talk and talk and talk and use unnecessarily long sentences and wave my hands around like a psycho.

4.) I secretly fear that I am a huge idiot, smart enough to know that I want to be a prodigy and brilliant and all that, but lacking the actual ability. I think this is a natural feeling in people who generally aren't idiots, but it worries me all the same.

5.) I have very romanticized fantasies about rather random and mundane things I want to do in life. For example: beekeeping. I know that beekeeping is nothing like it is in my head, but I want to have bees (first, I love bees, they are so cool) and wear the weird outfits and crazy bee-hats and make my own honey and put it on everything. I also have wanted to work in a flower shop since I was about 6, but this vision does not consist of me doing anything except standing in a flower shop surrounded by said flowers and being quaint like someone in Amelie or a Francesca Lia Block novel. Whatever.

I tag, anyone! I feel like mostly everyone has done this already, so if you have not, please do, because I really like reading about weird things people do.


  1. I want to have my dream job and just be someone quaint as well, not have actual work! The dress is lovely and it works nicely with the kneesocks. I always gave (and still do) personalities to inanimate objects, like cans of soups on shelves and pieces of fruit--lopsided fruit feels very rejected by the symmetrical fruit!

  2. That's so weird! I want to keep bees too! I've been obsessed with them for ages. I sometimes hang out at the apiary in the university gardens...

  3. I love the violet color of the dress against your ivory skin- very flattering on you!

  4. I know what you mean about realizing what true talent is, yet not really having it.

    Based on your lovely blog, I don't think that's the case. I could be mistaken, but don't really think I am.

    That's a beautiful dress. Seriously.

  5. Adorable. I love all the florals as well. Would you like to trade links?

  6. great cardigan!
    you look tall and gorgeous!

  7. I love how you rock knee highs! And I totally get what you mean about numbers having personalities - 1 and 2 were uncles with baby 3, 4 was the distant mom always at work, 5 was deadbeat dad, 6 was the closet homosexual cousin, 7 was the bitchy young aunt, 8 was a fat but lovable aunt, and 9 was the chic aunt... I recall associating numbers with non-numerical characteristics or colors as a sign of autism or a savant... or an overactive imagination :P

  8. hi, minus the bee thing, i think we might have been separated at birth. that is all (:

  9. I love it that you do the number thing too! I associate numbers with colours. For example, one is white, two is blue and three is green.

  10. Dearest, the outfit is not only cute, but so smart: The grey cardigan and shoes, the dark tone in the over knees and the dress fond, the light violet in the dress even matches with the little flowers by the path... And you have the nicest curls – I love your hair-do once again.

  11. Ugh. There are far too many ignorant young people in our generation who think "Legally Blonde" is the best movie ever...

  12. the outfit is lovely.

    i wouldn't say it reeks so much of the nineties..

    rather, it simply captures the best aspects of it and creates a delicate fragrance of it.

    i love the mixing of florals, and the dark knee socks simply ground the look. and the idyllic suburban background is choice, too. well-played, miss.

    i'm looking forward to visiting your blog more often.

  13. The dress is a bit 90s, but I still love it and the floral mixing in the outfit. I just found your blog on wardrobe-remix. I really like it.