Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Tag from The Clothes Horse!

5 Things found in my bag: Two books (Beckett's Molloy and Shakespeare's Richard III), 3-subject notebook, green ancient ipod mini that is not charged (much to my disappointment), The New York Times (we get it free, or rather included in tuition on campus, and mom likes to have it so I grab it every day), a calculator.

5 Things found in my purse (This doesn't make any sense to me, since purse and bag are the same in my head, to I tried to keep the above mentioned things limited to those things I only have in my purse when I'm at school): makeshift moleskine planner, 6 pens (three purple, one blue, one pink, two black), pink makeup case (with bobby pins, lip balm, hair clips, airborne, and a mirror inside), keys (two house keys, car key, and octopus, a teapot, and a marc jacobs lanyard attached to it), camera.

5 Favorite Things in my room: my bookcase, my bed, my cat, my OED, and my plate with fake flowers on it.

5 Things I've always wanted to do: keep bees, write a novel, make a doll, hang out in pyramids, make scones.

5 Things I'm currently into: tinkly piano music, tootsie rolls, eating dinner standing up in the kitchen, ribbons as necklaces, floral blouses.
And 5 Impressions on The Clothes Horse (who tagged me): She is fearless!, she lives in one of my favorite places, she is genius at posing, she is intelligently whimsical, and her tattoos are prettily badass!

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I bought this skirt about 3 years ago, and it's always given me such a hard time. It was a bargain, but it's such a strange length that I never felt right in it without heels. As I've banished the things from my feet, I haven't worn this skirt since my 20th birthday. I've been trying to break it out for months, and it wasn't until today that my mood was just right for it. It's not particularly warm out, but other than that it's a nice day, the kind I like where it's just a little nippy, and lets me abuse commas, I cannot seem to stop, and I'm feeling relativly good about today.
(Sorry for the duplicate post guys! I had an html issue in the last one, so I just did a whole new one, in case anyone saw two for a while there!)


  1. It's a fantastic skirt, heels or no heels! I am glad you decided to wear it today.

  2. i love the skirt on you its so pretty i also love your blouse, such a lovely outfit :)

  3. You look like a modern victorian lady...if that made any sense. I once had neighbors who kept bees, I thought it was wonderful too.

  4. Thanks for the tag :) That blouse is making me die and envy in all sorts of ways!