Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scattered as Foucault, and he's written whole books.

I did not go to my last class today, how shameful! Instead John and I ate breakfast for lunch and went to the NYS Museum. We always talk about going and hardly ever make it down there but it was a nice day for it. My favorite is the Bird Hall, which I suppose goes along with my strange obsession with birds, and the New York City Subway train from the 50s you can hang out inside.

In other news, I have to say I've done reasonably well not buying new clothes as of late. I did buy some tights from work but I don't count that (too much anyway). Most of the time I find myself feeling it's pointless and silly to buy things new for twenty bucks or more when I wonder if I could find something better thrifting (although those excursions have been mostly fruitless these days, but I will blame that on my bout with illness). On the other hand, I've been spending loads of money on snacks and food. It's very easy for me to justify eating. I'm such a snacker and I love food. My bank statement is practically edible. Maybe it's the rising gas prices, but I am becoming less and less tolerant of clothing prices. It also might be because I have more clothes than I can shake a stick at.

In addition, it seems our feline star from the previous post is somewhat of a sneaky little thing. Last night my mother was sitting watching TV when who comes down our stairs but Magic. Magic is not our cat. He had somehow broken into our house and spent heaven only knows how much time wandering around with our Baby (who, mom says, was walking right around him and not giving it much of a thought). He's a really strange animal.


  1. You look lovely and the bird house sounds awesome. I am also obsessed with birds!

  2. hej, i linked you in my blog today, and showed some pictures of you, if this is not okay, just say something!