Thursday, April 24, 2008

Plaid Skirts and Pale Knees

It seems the key to not getting caught taking pictures in campus stairwells is to wait until classes have been on for 20 minutes or so. It was far too warm today to be wearing stockings, but I'm not quite ready to give them up yet! I know I will be complaining all summer about not being able to wear them so I am trying to cling to them for as long as possible. Tomorrow, will wear shorts.

For years I have said no to shorts. It is not so much the fact that my legs are basically clear (last summer a crazy man in the grocery store parking lot told me I needed a tan and then asked me if I was an albino. A customer at work also asked me what color my tights were, they looked like a very very pale grey, and looked very embarrassed when I told her I wasn't wearing any), but more that my legs are lacking in any sign of being toned. However, I am going to venture out into the world with almost bare legs (I'm cheating. My plan is to wear my super-sheer flesh colored stockings) and see how I feel. I can't remember the last time I wore shorts in public. I think it was at camp when I was 16 or so, but that was only because I was forced. I will document this event.

(Also, tomorrow, I am getting my hair cut. Not a lot, but still. It is just getting too long and with the warmer weather it's more of a pain. I used to get my hair cut like regular people, but as my schedule has gotten busier, I go forever. Like, once every 8 months. I'm scared!)


  1. Ha ha, my legs are scary white, and I think I'm with you on wearing tights throughout the summer. I just love them!

    And I love your outfit too!! It looks sort of Brideshead-inspired too!

  2. This outfit is so sweet. And so is this blog. Also, don't cut your hair too short. It's so lovely.

  3. I am sure your legs are lovely ( I know what it's like to be pale too). Sheer tights is a good segway into bare. :-) Can't wait to see that outfit! This one is fab, lovin the curl in your hair too, good luck at the hairdressers.

  4. you really made me find a nice checked skirt! looks gorgeous on you!^^

  5. wow, such a schoolish outfit. a little girly and so old skool!