Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Magic the Cat.

My neighbors have a very social cat named Magic. He is huge. He is basically a small bear, and he is also gorgeous and lies in the road and almost gets hit by cars. This morning I attempted to get him to participate in pictures, but many things were not cooperating. There were men fixing the concrete foundation of the house, so I couldn't use my usual place!

I call this: Off With Her Head, or, Red Shoes That Are Too Small, Featuring a Wire.

I am not pulling his tail, I swear, I was petting him.

(So no flattering.)

Then he went away...

And then came back. Seriously, he's basically up to my knees. This would have been an excellent outfit picture, had the beast not blocked my tights and shoes.


  1. Wow, you hair is so long. :-) I like your new posing spot and your tights.

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  3. i just discovered this blog...you're lovely!

  4. I love, love your hair! (As well as your outfit, of course.) I added your blog as a contact on mine. We're Flickr contacts. :)

  5. The ruffly collar and blouse is so pretty with the vest. You look great and I love the candid shots. I used to have a massive cat like that, we joked it was bred with a mountain lion!

  6. Thanks guys! Sadly, sort of, the hair is going! I won't be going short, but cutting off a good chunk of it. It's just getting to that weird too-long place.

    Clothes Horse: Today I saw mountain lions at the museum, stuffed sadly, and thought how interesting it would be to be friends with one!