Sunday, April 13, 2008

lady i swear by all floral dresses

Floral dresses are all over the place, we know this. It's a trend I am all ready to shove my face into, but lately I have been hit with a conundrum. First, I saw this dress on Moderniteter:

I looked for it at my local H&M and lo! They had it (that never happens). Unfortunately, the boyfriend said it looked like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. I pouted, as now I felt the dress might be ruined. I tried it on and it was cute. I'm not in love with the fabric, but I love the print more than a lot of things. Then today I saw it on Le Blog de Betty and am rethinking it all:

But it gets more complicated. Trotting into Forever21 on my break, I spied this little floral delicacy:

Forever21 24.80$

It is significantly cheaper, and I have to say a bit more flattering for my form (it has a tie just under the bust which is very nice) that the first. But I am not in love with the print. It's fine, it all sort of blends together more in person but it's so dark and I feel like I ought to own a pair of doc martens if I'm going to wear this on. The alternating patterns of flowers also put me more in the mind of the following:

Obviously this is an added plus. All the same though, my heart is divided. I am trying very hard not to buy more than one item of clothing a week at mall stores, if at all, and I haven't had much trouble just yet (I have instead transferred my obsession to Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks, which is delicious and wonderful), but perhaps I will dip into my little bit of gift money and splurge for both of them. At least the H&M one is returnable, which is the main thing holding me back from the Forever21 dress.

I mean, one can never have too many floral dresses, true?


  1. i say buy them both! they're both lovely, and no, you can never have too many floral dresses! but hey, i really should seek professional help for my spending habit, so maybe i'm not the one you should take advice from : /

  2. hey! I have that forever 21 dress! it's very loveley with all the flowers and lace...I have a pic of it on my blog as well, funny!!


  3. I'm in favour of the H&M one. Get it. Cos you'll be sorry when the sun's shining and you want to feel all summery. It's sweet!

  4. I certainly don't have enough floral dresses. And those ladies certainly rock the H&M one.

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