Sunday, April 27, 2008

I have come to catch your voice,

I seem to remember seeing mention of The Edge of Love somewhere a long while ago, and then just recently I saw it on a lovely blog somewhere that I cannot remember. I know I bookmarked it, but I have to sit and organize them in order to be able to find anything and I haven't the patience at the moment. Apologies!

It's a movie I'm really intrigued by. First of all, it's literary, which is always something enjoyable. I anticipate several 'writer' scenes, author hunched over desk with pen in hand scribbling by light of a picturesque candle or gorgeously vintage lamp penning a famous work. I also feel particularly interested because of the topic. My mother decided to name me Kaitlin after Caitlin MacNamara (not specifically because she admired her as a person, but because that was the first place she had heard that name), though she went with the 'K' spelling because my last name begins with R and that is aesthetically more balanced when written or embroidered.

Thus far pictures from the filming promise something wonderful. Sienna Miller (as Caitlin) and Keira Knightly (as Vera Phillips)are the subject of most of them thus far, and their clothes are certainly in line with much of what it seems we're longing for lately, or at least I am. Floral skirts, blouses, streamlined (or the occasional utilitarian frumpy) jackets, and boots suitable for traipsing around water's edge are all deeply appealing at the moment. There is something definitely vintage but contemporary about it all. Perhaps that's just a general sense of nostalgia in current trends and minds, but either way my brain likes it.

I have come to catch your voice,
Your constructed notes going out of the throat
With dry, mechanical gestures,
To catch the shaft
Although it is so straight and unbending;
Then, when I open my mouth,
The light will come in an unwavering line.
Then to catch night
Wading through her dark cave on ferocious wings.
Oh, eagle-mouthed,
I have come to pluck you,
And take away your exotic plumage,
Although your anger is not a slight thing,
Take you into my own place
Where the frost can never fall,
Nor the petals of any flower drop.

--Dylan Thomas

Perhaps it's just the patterns, but it reminds me a bit of this:

Despite the presence of the bright, bright blue, it is similar to me. Perhaps it's just my English major-y brain reaching to make connections, but you know. Since we don't all get to be frolicking exuberantly by the sea, we wear blue tights to evoke it with our florals.


  1. This film looks stunning. I like how your mother came up with the spelling for you name. I am eternally grateful to my parents for going against their first instincts to name me after my grandmother, she was southern and her first name was "Johnny Bell." Glad I dodged that bullet...
    By the by, I have tagged you on my blog. There are two tags, you can choose one, do both, or ignore since tags can be quite annoying...

  2. Lovely post - I can see the similarities between the dresses, don't worry :)

    Also, is it just me or is Kiera Knightley getting more awesome as she gets on? I used to dislike her but she's kind of okay now...