Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I have always longed for long braids: Assorted Things.

(Apologies for the pointless colon!)

(The ubiquitous H&M jacket and dress!)

I'm afraid I've been absent! Nothing has struck me to say really, and I've been repeating outfits, and just reading other blogs ravenously. I didn't actually wear this outfit today, instead I wore a pair of roper boots I thought I had gotten rid of (I'll make a post about them later, I love them so!) partly because I found them and was too attached to the sweet pang of reunion not to do so and partly because it was supposed to rain. I love the adolescent feeling boots give me. I can stomp around to my hearts content and not worry about mud or puddles or stepping in disgusting things like spit (which I detest, I do not see why anyone needs to spit on the ground, and even when wearing biohazard-proof footwear I avoid it). It's a real kind of confidence that is different from wearing say, a fabulous pair of heels.

To veer off in a totally different vein, I've been wearing braids often. So has everyone else, I know, but it's really quite practical. My hair has gotten obscenely long and I constantly forget to make an appointment, it's too heavy even to hold much of a curl so my solution is to throw it into a messy braid and pin it to the back of my head in the most lackadaisical way possible.

I've always loved this image from Nylon:

Though I've never attempted to recreate it myself since my patience with hair is terribly thin and braids are a puzzle to do on one's own. I also tend to think braids suit lighter shades better. Blonde, red, lighter browns are better for it, where braids tend to disappear into my own dark brown. Nevertheless, this does not stop me! I used to braid my hair in class in high school all the time. I was particularly fond of the fishtail braid, since it looked intricate and impressive but really held well in that messy J.W. Waterhouse hair kind of way, with wisps and lose waves.

I always remember being very impressed by the hair at Dreamweaver Braiding (very useful for instructions, I like it because they have pictures for every step so it's very easy to follow, although not so much if you're on your own).

Fair Rosamund, J.W. Waterhouse


  1. The braid looks lovely. I really miss having long hair to braid!

  2. your hair looks gorgeous braided! oddly enough, I was just thinking this morning that I wanted to braid mine... lol. thanks for the inspiration; I think I might try something along the lines of the Nylon picture. :)

  3. It's nice to see you, I love that twirly braid! My hair is super dark too, and I braid it all the time! Never seem to post pics thou b/c you are right, it does dissapear.