Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Confession.

I have a confession to make. It's something I think about almost all the time. It's something that's harder and harder to not think about, to hide, now that the weather is getting warmer. It's something I am not sure how to admit to, being a girl who works in a shoe store, and something I didn't notice until a little less than a year ago.

I have terrible feet. I mean, I suppose the could be worse. They don't look like the frightening pictures that come up on google when one googles various maladies of the feet, but they're not awesome. I didn't even notice it for a long time. I worked in my store for almost over a year before I noticed it, before I started to compare my feet to every other woman's who tried to shoes that day. The thing is, I have bunions.

Oh, it pains me to say it! This is why I wear flats so often (every day in fact). This past September, I all but stopped wearing heels except for special occasions where I won't be standing for long periods of time. Anything higher than two inches is a no, as is anything with a pointy toe. This is a problem, as I am a girl who works in a shoe store, and I have tons and tons of shoes I no longer wear very often. (I also have a shoe problem. I tend to buy, on average, one pair of shoes a week. Ranging between 8-50$ though, so it depends on the week. Right now I counted the shoes I can see and there are approximately 74 pairs, not counting the ones in my car, downstairs by the front door, in my makeshift closet, and in my trunk of shoes I don't wear. It's kind of obscene I know, I can't even wear half of them anymore.)

It's not totally my fault though! I know lots of the shoes I wore didn't help, but honestly, I've always had problem feet. I remember being little and my mother took me to the doctor because of mysterious bumps at the top of my feet, which as it turns out are totally normal, and I've always had bunion-like bumps at my big toes. It's an inherited thing, a genetic predisposition to having that particular bone-arrangement in your feet anyway, and my grandmother and my aunt both have feet just like mine. But then I started wearing heels and shoes that certainly didn't help at all, suffering though the pain, and now I notice a bit of a difference. It scared me, and I stopped wearing heels altogether. I am petrified of surgery!

Perhaps to compensate, my toe-nails are always painted and usually re-done once a week (I do it myself, pedicures are for special occasions). It's such an issue for me though! I worry about them all the time, I research methods to halt the continuation of it all, to make it better, check up on the latest surgeries and the like. It stress me out like all kinds of whoa. I'm planning to invest in some Yoga Toes.

Anyway, that's that. I just felt like getting it out there, in the open, admitting my dark secret.


  1. Don't worry, more people than you would think have the same issues. I also have this. I used to always need one of these ( hepled alot!). I always wear flats now and the problem is much less (if you noticed on my blog - no heels).

  2. Don't worry, everyone has something they hate about their feet. My big toe is giant and looks like a tulip bulb.

  3. Aww, my feet are crazy from years of heel-wearing too. I still wear heels though . . . I like them too much to give up. I can just hide my feet and avoid wearing flip-flops/open-toed sandals (which gives me an excuse not to wear those ugly things!) Besides, when you think about it, don't you think all feet are kind of ugly? :)

  4. When I was younger, I dreamed about a feet surgery... I agree with rhiannon, all feet (or rather: most of them) are ugly.

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  6. I have laught a lot...firts thing I have learn how to say "juanetes" in english bunions :D !!! I also have and in my family most of my aunts have....but they have started to make surgery and they are ok.....beliave me they are a problem...and even more when you wear a 12 :):)

    I like so much your style!!!!

    thanks for your blog from Madrid!