Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Unhappiness (we should ban it.)

I am miffed.

I was all set with an outfit last night (nothing terribly fancy but I have a pair of tights that are so bright I hardly ever wear them for fear of shocking myself into a coma, but I wanted to wear them with a new dress today and a pair of equally shocking yellow flats) and was unjustly thwarted this morning by a disgusting mixture of rain and snow (the meteorological version of phlegm).

So instead I tossed on some all black, since I was in a foul-mouthed foul mood, a little bit of sequins and a scarf only to discover that hours later the sun is out and all is well with the weather.


To console myself, I am going to have breakfast for lunch and see if I can drag my wonderfully indulgent boyfriend to the thrift store and the used bookstore before I am condemned to boredom via the working world.

Looks I Envy:

Anna Karina


  1. Yay, for Spring Break right? It's about time for a break from life.