Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things of Happiness.

Today my boyfriend is going to take me gallivanting around Saratoga. We don't usually last terribly long since it's usually too cold or too hot, but the weather promises to be close to 50 today, so I am hopeful.

I've noticed, as I'm sure most people have, that I tend to add things in batches on flickr- that is, things I'm obsessed with at the moment. Things that make me happy! As that seems to be the namesake of this little blog-get, I've decided I ought to start posting some of these things.

Right now, I give you kittens & swans. Two things I've been obsessed with since my teeny-days. I got my first kittens when I was seven, as a gift for my First Communion. My mother had prepared me weeks before by telling me she had a dream about two kittens and wanted to make a story out of it, and we should come up with some names for them. Most of the ones we came up with were form old movies. In the end, I named them Romeo & Juliet (although I tried to name them Fluffy and something equally frivolous--mom wasn't having that!) and loved them more than anything! Sadly, they've both passed on and it was very difficult, but then Baby, the cat in the post below, showed up while dad was drilling holes in concrete and has been here every since. We tried naming her something dignified, but nothing stuck, so she's whatever term of endearment we choose at the moment. In any case, I've been obsessed with cats and kittens forever.

1. I'm Too Cute, 2. what the fork?, 3. Cat Series #4, 4. It's a big world out there, 5. uta, 6. tw10.jpg

I have not had such a lovely romance with swans. I was bitten by one once, and was sort of scarred for life, but not really. I like the idea of them, the word cygnet, the image they cut on water, and Swan Lake. I used to call it Swan Pond when I was little because I thought it sounded better. I was obsessed. I had this Swan Lake anime I watched all the time, and I had a long chapter-book version with gorgeous illustrations that I couldn't read but loved.

1. swan lake1, 2. Untitled, 3. Swan in Fog, 4. Trumpeter Swan Rescue, 5. Lintilla Swans, Mistley, 6. Swans Out For A Stroll

Billy Elliot (I love this movie more than just about anything! Sort of.)


  1. I adore the picture of the kitten with the forks. I took a photography class once and the teacher detested pictures of cats--he thought they lacked all artistry! But I think these are really lovely and delightful.

  2. cats and swans are really cute. I've got 2 cats...

  3. These are so beautiful! The picture of the cat with the forks is adorable.

  4. thanks for your lovely comment!
    your pictures are amazing, you really have an eye for photography. I wish someone told me one day how to work a camera right, I never seem to get into it, haha.

  5. Hey. One of those cat photos is mine.