Monday, March 3, 2008

New Dresses.

Last night I drove myself over to Target to peek at the new GO International line, Jovovich-Hawk, and was deeply miserable when it was not there. I moped around in the PJs section where I exercised great self-control and did not buy some neat little cotton nightgowns with eyelet and buttons. Today I headed over there again, and thankfully, the collection was on display.

Honestly, my Target didn't have much but since there about 6 other ones in my general area I figure I can check the other ones out over the next few weeks. I was interested in this one from the press photos and website, and it fit really well. As far as dresses go I haven't been thrilled with the Target collections in the past, but this one fit like a dream. Sadly, it also made me look like I was wearing a 5-year-old's party dress (not in a good way). If it's still there after all is said and done and it's on sale I'll pick it up but for 40$ I let it sit.

I did leave with this lace monstrosity that I hated on the website but loved in person. It's like what Morticia Addams wears on summer vacation. It's sweet but sort of macabre, which I kind of love, and while I'm not totally sold on it I figured I'd do my usual and snag it now and return it later if I'm not feeling it.

Most of the rest of the stuff I passed over. I really would love to get my grubby little hands on this creamy thing but with my luck my Target won't get it.

In the end though, nothing feels quite as nice as a new dress (or, I suppose, any other clothing purchase. I suppose the true phrase is nothing feels quite the same) whether it's bought new or thrift, or hand-me-down or borrowed or anything. I keep thinking I ought to stop buying dresses and skirts and wear some pants, but, I don't want to!

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  1. I tried on the same dresses as you mentioned and left with the opposite one (the little girls party dress, which i hope doesnt look that way on me). i wanted the lace one too, but i didnt want to drop another 40 dollars for it! but it looks great on you, and i almost want to get it. i hope it makes it to the clearance rack (which is probably unlikely)