Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ernest was an expert at expounding excuses. And meow.

Hello! I have been depressingly absent (not that I have false notions about how valuable my contribution to teh internets is, but you know). My only excuse is that it has been a week of very high highs and low lows, thanks to midterms and impromptu familial things.

I also haven't been dressing myself lately (I have someone else do it for me), or rather, for myself but instead trying to work my way through rainy weather and humongous piles of mud (who knew there was so much dirt on campus!) and finding that tricky balance between dressing to keep warm and not overheating. Today especially I do not feel myself. I am wearing jeans, and because I stepped in a pile of mud (on the GROUND, as my father specifies) I had to run over to Target and buy some new socks. Which are lovely socks, but I still don't feel right.

The real reason for posting however, is my cat shirt. I bought this tank top at H&M when it first opened here, I was probably about 15 or so, and it was far too big so mom took up the straps so my juvenile bosom didn't feel violated.

But I never wore it much because I felt too weird. I've always loved it though, and these days it looks a bit like my cat:

Not to mention I spotted a few lovelies around street style sites sporting cat shirts. It seemed it was time to break it out. On the downside, I find that the shirt slides down and the eyes sit right in the middle of my boobs, which can be somewhat disconcerting. I may have to adjust it a bit again, but for now I am reduced to constant pull-up adjustments and wearing my cat shirt proudly. It's like I'm proclaiming my freakish cat-lady love for cats to the world.


  1. i love it! and your cat. i'm also a fellow crazy cat lady.

  2. I think you look cute in that cat shirt! :) I've been noticing a lot of the cat tops showing up on street style sites too... must be an underground trend emerging!

  3. Gorgeous cat! And your outfit, lovely too!