Monday, March 10, 2008

The days are just packed.

I'm in a bit of a slump again at the moment. Spring break approaches, and it will be welcome indeed!

However the ever-slightly-so-better weather (something about the up and down of that phrase is appealing to me, as awkward as it is) has made me more apt to be in the world, and I've been frequenting thrift shops. The big Salvation Army proved mostly disappointing, so I've been frequenting my favorite thrift-haunt that is just around the corner. They are much better organized and the prices are so much better! This morning I got a sweater, two slips, and a nightgown for 2.50$. Garage, estate, and rummage sale season should be starting soon, and I have never felt more in the mood for it!

Have two things that I like today:


(from a letter by Vincent Van Gogh)

I think that I still have it
in my heart someday
to paint a bookshop
with the front yellow and pink,
in the evening, and the black
passerby like a light
in the midst of darkness.


  1. such a lovely outfit!
    but...isn't it too cold at your place or am I just sensitive ? :-)

  2. It's cold! Today it's in the high 30s haha! I wear a coat of course, but since I take my photos outside I just try to be quick! It's also sunny out today and not breezy, so it's rather nice in the sun for a few minutes.

  3. so look greeeeaaaat! really cool outfits. hope, you're not freezing:)

  4. the second outfit is ever so pretty!