Thursday, February 14, 2008

What is the word for the opposite of buyer's remorse?

Today my lovely Mr. took me for a spin around the mall before I trotted off to work and he off to class. I snagged a striped t-shirt of the sort I've been looking for, and got his opinion on motorcycle jacket ("It's really uh, 90s," said he. Hrmph). I also eyeballed these ugly ducklings in Forever21:

Forever21 24.80$

I don't know. I kind of want them. They're a liiiiiiiiittle higher than I wanted to go (the multiple Is are necessary because it's supposed to sound high-pitched), but the nefarious substance they are made of is really soft, so they doesn't squash my poor feet. The pump version of them is also adorable, but not so good for my toes, and I like the almost heinously-ugly quality these have.

Also, like everything else in life, they remind me of food, and that makes me happy.

(I think if they are there tomorrow I may purchase them. Hee!)


  1. they are adorable, I think you should definitely treat yourself. :)

  2. I saw them on the F21 website and I fell in love too!