Monday, February 18, 2008

Little Darlin'

After all that complaining, today is a lovely day. It's rainy, this is true, but it isn't the dreadful slush and leftover snow that's been milling around the past few weeks so I am free to wear shoes that aren't completely protective against the elements.

Meet my new umbrella! I thought I lost my pink one and snagged this as a replacement. It is not the same, but he is a fine specimen of an umbrella really. Perhaps they will get married.

Today is just what I needed (obviously). Hopefully it will last me through the next few weeks of winter, since we always get one horrendous snow storm in March. In the meantime, today I am out gallivanting, with the promise of lunch and possibly a date to the movies later. Happy birthday, Presidents!


  1. You know. I would feel very inferior to you if we were to meet. This would be bad.

    Perhaps we should never meet. HHAHA.

  2. Very, very cool - especially the waistcoat.
    What was the movie?