Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It burns a hole in my pocket, so I have to buy a new pocket.

It is raining somewhat insanely (yet it's a warm 50 or so degrees out), thus proving my earlier statement that the weather is deeply bipolar these days. Sadly, this destroyed my planned outfit for the day. I suppose I could have made it work with a change of shoes, but honestly I am in no mood for the sequins I had planned today.

I find often that I wake up in the morning and haven't head nor foot for whatever I was planning on wearing that day. Today I threw on one of my favorite black mini dresses and a grey hoodie with bows all over it, tied my scarf in a gigantic black bow and threw on my wellies. I didn't really feel like wearing them today, but I am trying very hard not to scoff in the face of practicality.

Speaking of, I am poor! I spend oodles of money on food, which I know is the main problem, but I also have a shower-full of clothes. You wouldn't believe my shoe collection either (but! I protest. I work in a shoe store! It is necessary!). I've decided only to allow myself to buy one item of clothing a week. I don't know that I really buy more than that anyway, I tend to be very conscious of how much I'm buying, but eventually I hope to get it down to once every two weeks as a special treat when I get my paycheck.

Mostly, I just want to be more careful with what I am buying. In the past year my shopping habits have changed. I stopped stopping myself from buying things that I liked but that seemed as though I would never have an occasion to wear them. My new way of going about clothes is if you like it, buy it. Don't break the bank, this is all within reason of course, but if something makes you feel good and appeals to you despite what the rest of the world might think, go for it. I think now that I've gotten over the shock of just buying what I like, it's time to be more selective. This week I bought a TON of clothes, all on whims, and while many of them were adorable, I returned most of them. I am the bane of sales associates existence, as I have no qualms about returning things, but this week it really did get ridiculous. I figure by only allowing myself to buy one thing a week it gives me time to think about whether or not I really love it or not.

Just last night I popped into H&M on my break and saw a quaint little dress. It was lovely really, and would be nice with tights now or in the summer. The price wasn't too bad but I left it, and realized that I didn't really really love it as much as I thought I did.

Honestly though, I also know that if I just brought tea and snacks from home that would cut down on a lot of my spending.

It's not Starbucks! The campus just uses their cups, but the tea is some other brand!


  1. I similarily have a shortage of funds, but I skimp on food rather than clothes! I never eat out and always pack a lunch, because I'd rather have something I can enjoy again and again, than something I eat and is gone...

  2. super cute eye makeup and chippy nails too, and thanks for commenting on my site! ;-)

  3. how nice that they use starbucks cups. :D

    and I know the problem, I can never make it to prepare my coffee at home soI always have ot buy it on the way. yes, it´s quite a bit.