Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Drifty thoughts.

It was way too cold today to be wearing this, but as it's one of my last days for a few without snow on the ground, I decided to risk it. I've been rather lazy and unimaginative lately with outfits. I really just can't be too bothered to think of new combinations and so I just throw on something that already exists. On the upside, having a catalogue of outfits I've worn does make this task easier, in a Clueless kind of way. At the moment I am sitting lazily watching movies while everything else gets coated in snow, much to my complaint.

I have saved trillions of pictures from style.com this week, but as most of them have been covered by much clever bloggers, I'll just post a few from my saved randomly.

Anna Sui (I can almost never resist all black, especially with odd bits of lace and other wonderful assortments)

Lacoste (I had a bunch from this, my always lurking just below the surface school girl taking over, but I like this one particularly)

DKNY (Pants! I loved DKNY, although this seems to be a generally unpopular opinion)

Philosophy (I need some unabashed fairy-tale prettiness in my life. I want to mash my face into all kinds of velvet this time around)

Karen Walker (There was a lot I liked from this also. Probably because it all feels like something I would wear, or would strive to wear)

So that's that, she said!


  1. you keep motivating me to try EVERY skirt and dress I have with EVERY slip I have! ;-)
    You pull it off so great.

  2. I love your outfit! If I had a day without snow on the ground I'd take advantage of it too, cold or not. :)

  3. I loved fashion week, so many inspirations. The layered skirts in your outfit are loverly.