Sunday, February 17, 2008

All the months are cruel.

I'm definitely feeling the winter blues lately. I am too often foiled by the weather, as well as a general distaste for my entire wardrobe that always seems to hit around this time of year, and the prospect of walking miles and miles from the parking lot to campus is no help at all. Instead of wearing concoctions I love, I slog around in go-to outfits and things that are easy. I think part of the problem is I mentally dress for light, crisp weather found in autumn and spring (although the latter is often too wet for my tastes, much as I find puddles poetically appealing) rather than the frozen popsicle-stand climate I live in. I delude myself into thinking this is practical most of time. I've lately asked myself, asked garments rather, if I could wear it in warmer weather. Usually I picture myself in the heat of summer, sprawled out in my boyfriend's car wearing sunglasses and feeling horribly stifled, and try to see if I am wearing whatever dress or blouse. I am miserable in the extremes and funnily enough, take to the water. I've spent night after night these weeks lurking in hot tubs before bed to try and harness insane amounts of heat in my own body temperature. Maybe I've just got vampires trying to keep warm on the brain. In the summer I drift towards the pool, albeit doused in thick sunscreen and wearing all manner of sun-banning agents.

I tend to think I am dressing and compiling outfits in my head and in lists for a climate and world that doesn't exist. My imaginary, parallel universe self is quite thrilled with this. In the meantime, it's raining cats and dogs on my roof and I am wearing a five-dollar jewel-encrusted sweaterand enjoying braids before the elusive hair-chop commences.


  1. Winter can be tough - but spring will be here soon I promise. I try to add touches of warmer seasons through the colors of my accessories. For me a cheery scarf, cute pin, bright necklace (or maybe all 3!) takes the depression out of my wardrobe.

  2. I'm with you. I need Spring, I really need 365 days of Spring ;-)