Monday, January 7, 2008

Without reasons is no reason not to.

Today was one of the few days when I bothered to dress up when I had nowhere to go. I have no idea why I don't usually do so, since my outfits aren't often uncomfortable. Once again I blame it on my uniform days when I came home and shed most of my garments in favor of some brand of lounge wear (although usually this was just boxers, my school polo, and knee socks). I feel strange lounging in front of the TV all dressed up. Even when I was younger I dressed up to be someone, for a game, and then changed back into something else when I was finished with that particular character or person.

I used to dress up along with movies a lot. I especially remember doing so for Beauty and the Beast. Belle was, of course, appealing because she was brunette, wore blue, and read a lot of books. I had a dress I loved, it was ruffled at the hem and had a darling little collar and a petticoat. It was also splattered with violent, impressionistic flowers that were not at all dainty. I wore that dress constantly, particularly liking it when I was watching/playing as Bell or as Little Bo Peep in March of the Wooden Soldiers (Strange, I know. Looking back it's a frightening movie). I watched a lot of Fred & Ginger, but oddly, hardly ever dressed up to those. I watched a lot of those since mom could only take animated kids movies so much; I suppose they were sort of hypnotizing.

I also wore my Halloween costumes constantly. My mom always made my costumes, and they were severely badass to the point of awesome. I came home, changed out of my little plaid jumper, and went straight into a unicorn costume or Catwoman or something.

I suppose I might just not have the nerve to dress up for no reason, if I'm not going out of the house, although I have no problem wearing fancy clothes on normal days. I think it's because I don't want to over-wear some things and get sick of them before I wear them out in the world. It's very strange, this exploring my dressing habits!


  1. I live off old movies. And I like your story about dressing up in costumes. The colors of your outfit are really lovely--ethereal.

  2. This outfit is so pretty--I especially love the print of the skirt/dress and the matching tights!

    You always have lovely posts, btw. :)

  3. This is a very striking photo, and you are indeed quite beautiful :)