Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mustard on top mayo on the bottom.

So yes, in my childhood I watched a lot of old movies. Two in particular are linked not only in their creation, but also for me in my childhood. While not exactly an old movie What's Up doc, with Barbara Streisand and Ryan O'Neal, is possibly one of my favorite movies ever. Words cannot express how much I love this movie, or the movie it came from: Bringing Up Baby. I feel like it's an under- appreciated movie, really. It is just fabulous and hilarious and I want to hug it like mad.

I must mention that I love the outfits. I love Barbara's (as Judy) red paisley/plaid/print shirt with a deep passion. I love that shirt and have always wanted one. Her hat is also deeply adorable, although it would look atrocious on it, and her makeup is lovely also. She wears a white suit at the dinner scene in the movie that I've always envied. Madeline Kahn wears a ridiculous tea number that I cannot decide if I want or find revolting. She also dons an extremely insane robe.

Sadly I find it's hard to locate pictures and stills from this movie, and as I only have it on VHS and my VCR/TV is gone to the great beyond, I present you with youtube videos! It is really a bonus, since you can witness the hysterical genius:

You don't get the dialog in this one, but it showcases the outfits I'm talking about beautifully. I want that shirt. Want, want, want.

There is the heinously glorious robe. This clip is here mostly because I enjoy it. Also note the plaid overnight case! I must have one, even though I never go anywhere overnight, simply to tote it around and imagine it has something interesting in it, like 70s clothing or igneous rock formations.

With Kathering Hepburn and Carey Grant there is no possible way Bringing Up Baby is not brilliant and adorable. And once again, I love her clothes:

This dress in particular. It's so swingy, so wonderfully girly, without being confectionery and prim. (And of course, I have a thing for that whole uptight professorly look on guys).

And because this post isn't long enough, but mostly because I could resist, some clips:

I love how she matter-of-factly speaks to him about such ridiculous things, talking to the dog, and the way she says 'David'.

I felt it was only right to have a scene of chaos from each movie.



  1. I adore Bring up Baby, it's one of my favorite Katherine Hepburn movies. I like it when they're digging around and she's wearing the chinese hat. Strangely it did really poorly in box offices when it came out and to bad reviews! How?

  2. Oh, Bringing Up Baby love! I've got to check out What's Up Doc, old movies are always half the fun for the clothes...