Saturday, January 12, 2008

In that crazy real world, we have jobs.

When I first applied for my job one of the questions I asked during my interview was about the dress code. Blissfully, we were permitted to wear anything provided it fell into a vague 'business casual' or 'not too dressy but neat and professional' type of description. I work retail, so this was wonderfully lax but meant that I could wear many of the skirts and dresses I hadn't the nerve (yet) to wear to classes.

And then, they hit us with a blow so shocking, and just two weeks into my employment, that we were never to be the same. Black only! Or white shirts. We were to look like the girls at Coach, which was not so bad for me really since I never feel so warm and happy and enclosed as in all black ensembles (though some of my co-workers were dreadfully unhappy), in trousers and sweater vests*. I have to say, I am not a trouser kind of girl. I'm not really a pants kind of girl in general, and I feel so icky in office-y attire, so boring and plain and blank. Needless to say I've tried very hard to wear all black in exciting ways, day after day, shift after shift.

Sequins are easy, I love them, they add a bit of flair and texture and general quirk that delights me. On the downside they have a particular talent for irritating that ever-so delicate skin on the underside of the upper arm.

I don't wear these shoes anymore. I gave them to Mom, since they squish my toes terribly and I believe they are responsible for a bump on my foot that was not there before, and am very sad. Slips and strange tights however, make life better.

Anyhow, I find dressing for work increasingly difficult. The most frustrating thing about trousers is the length. They do not allow for a change from heels to flats, most of the time, and so I often bypass my modest little pile of them and instead toss on skirts or dresses. I do wonder what will happen when I am forced to get a job that does not involve selling things, when the only options are indeed suits and trousers.

*I am very sad to report that I do not have any sweatervests. This is a terrific travesty. I even found one I liked at J. Crew on sale for 19.99$, but passed it up and days later it was gone. Oh, regret. You plague me.

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  1. Greetings! My name is Chris---please forgive this intrusion into your Life...I saw your pictures at the flickr wardrobe site. I wanted to compliment you on your fashion sense...your outfits are always stylish, attractive, and soo perfectly put together. And I know this is WAY too forward, but good golly, you are truly one of the most remarkably lovely people I have ever seen (and you write beautifully, as well! :). OK, now I exit, and I won't intrude again. Have a wonderful day, sincerely, Chris R.