Friday, January 25, 2008

Droll, droll, drollery.

I have absented myself most abominably. In my defense, the Spring semester has started, and I have taken on much more this semester than the past few. I also have no planner, since my trusted weekly Moleskine ran out and the darned things are nowhere to be found. I have just spent many weeks looking for some other kind of planner, but nothing is suitable. Everything was either too small or had weird plastic winding on the side, or was splashed in obnoxious psychedelic colors and patterns I so often adore in textiles, but cannot deal with on stationary and the like. I have instead taken a plain lined Moleskine and stamped the dates into it with my library stamp. The results are not perfect, and I have to write the days in as well, but it suffices for now.

Once again though, I am thrust into the problem of dressing for campus. The hike from my car to the buildings is really heinously long. Something about the campus location and the fact that the entire thing seems to be some kind of dubious wind-tunnel makes life very hard. I wear a lot of wool berets pulled over my ears and bury my face in scarves. Of course, then one runs into a new problem. To make up for the unforgivable walk from the parking lot, there are a series of underground tunnels! This means I almost never have to go outside during the day, but then I also overheat and have to come up with some kind of device to tote around all my cold weather accouterments and loads of books.

Furthermore, I am constantly hit with the dilemma of what to wear to class. Though I of course have my very best confidence wearing some breed of dress or skirt with tights (or other exciting hosiery), the first few days of class are always exceedingly awkward. In so many classes it is intimidating to be the girl in neon colored rights, especially when you don't know any other students or the professor. I also don't have a routine yet, and so have thrown on several past outfits to remedy this problem. (Wardrobe_remix is really helpful for this. It's the closest thing I've got to Cher's enviable computer closet in Clueless). My boyfriend made a point once that he had to wear a hat the first week of classes or else when he did want to wear a hat, everyone would make a big deal about it and all that. I made fun of him for this recently, even though it was something he said ages ago, but it's really stuck with me. I suppose it's because I feel quite the same way. There are so many things to wear the first three of four days of classes, self-absorbed as it is to assume people pay attention to what one wears but really when one wears things out-of-the-ordinary for the area it's a problem, that I am very easily overwhelmed, and certainly at the lowest point of my daringness and outfit construction abilities (my goodness, what a poorly constructed sentence).

Oh, enough of this. In more exciting news, I bought my second pair of wellies. My first pair were a pair of Wellipets Frog Boots that were just adorable.

I ought to upload a picture of me fishing in them, but I am deeply lazy and this probably will not happen. Anyway, I loved them. I remember the glorious sensation of looking down and seeing those little yellow eyes looking up at me. I didn't think to order a pair now in my adult size, but at the same time I'm also not certain how I feel about that. I think it gets a little too precious in that not-good way. I ended up buying these from work.

For once in my life, what an untrue statement, I am sad that the weather has not permitted me to wear them. Instead they stand there, next to all my other shoes, unworn and pristine and smelling lightly of runner, alone and unworn. They are really comfortable, which was a nice surprise, very squishy inside. I went with the grey and I have visions of wearing them with blue tights, but beyond that I'm not sure what else. I admit that wellies have never really appealed to me. They always have seemed slightly ridiculous, for me at least, when they have turtles or puppies or other strange things on them. I feel like understated is the way to go with them.


  1. yeah! a new post. I should do a post in my rain boots, they are paul frank awesomeness ( I know weird, but I love em and live in a rainy city!).

  2. Those boots are incredible. I have trouble dressing wild the first week as well--I either ease into my look or dress extra crazy to just get the stares over with.