Saturday, January 26, 2008

and then Mozart!

I mentioned once before that Out of Africa is a significant movie for me. Besides reducing me to a terrificly heartbroken pile of tears and Robert Redford reminding me of my dad to a frightening degree, the look of the thing is a love affair for me.

I've always really liked the wedding outfit, despite the oddly shaped hat, with it's Maleficent-esque collar and edible cream color. I really adore most of her dresses in this movie, especially the delicate dressing gowns and lace shawl things she wears while storytelling. Khaki actually looks appealing, though that I'm sure owes a lot to the environment and individuals, with smart riding outfits and things being sort of practically sartorial and sharp. I really grew up with my dad dressing awfully reminiscent of this movie, so it seems very right and comfortable to me.

I'm also really in love with her house.

I love the improbable strangeness of places like these. The ridiculousness of setting up a full table and chairs with the best china outside, with putting a carpet on the grass, is all very appealing to me. I know it's sort of presumptuous and obnoxious to do that sort of thing as well, one of those symbolizing dominance over landscape and all that, but the impracticality of it really appeals to me. I think it is why I am also fond of movies where people have gone places and put carpets on sand and go and have afternoon tea on dunes. It's so strange, so alien looking, I love the audacity of it. So besides that I want all those tea-steeped things in that house, I love how it's all just so and very all plopped down in the middle of gorgeous Africa.

Anyway, it's all of that and then it's also one of those really personal movies I want to curl up inside, that squeezes my poor little heart till I think it might burst.


  1. There is something delightfully ridiculous about how the old Englis--and how they never changed their dress no matter where they went. There are b&w pictures of people dressed in so many ridiculous layers hiking on the lava!

  2. Hmmm the style is very Victorian and can also be found in the movie "A Passage to India" however I myself enjoyed the style from the movie "Sense and Sensibility". Very simplistic yet proper.

  3. Oh I do love the house! And the 1910s are totally one of my favorite decades for fashion.