Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If I can't fit my head inside it, what's the point?

I'm feeling a little freakish lately, for myself. I suppose it was that oh-so out of character purchase of ugg-like boots that sent me over the edge but I am sure I am just about to fall over the edge and there is no going back. (Don't worry, I'm not going into any kind of frightening territory involving leg warmers, flip-flops, and a denim skirt).

After seeing this girl on Fashionist I feel the need to have a small and dainty purse. The last time I used a purse equal to or smaller than my head I was about 9, so this is a rather large step for me. I am fairly certain the purse that girl is using is this one from J. Crew. I'm eating up everything in ridiculous shades of yellow, so I would like this one, I think:

Already I am starting to doubt this Ghost of Purchase Future; there are so many things I need! I am very used to purses inspired by Mary Poppins where I can neatly (or not-so-neatly) tuck away mini sewing kits for impromptu mending, umbrellas, extra pairs of socks, makeup kits, journals and books. Not to mention cell phone, ipod, lots of pens and my massive wallet. Sometimes I use my wallet as a clutch, since I can fit my cell phone and keys in it along with all the other junk I stuff in there.

Somehow I can't shake the feeling that it's a good idea. My brain's rationalizing skills are telling me that it will force me to pare it down, to simplify, to make my shoulders and back feel better! To wear one pair of shoes all day. My large purse has clearly become a kind of security blanket for me. Oh, I am torn! Perhaps it is a little too twee. On the other hand when I wear jeans and hoodies on groggy days it would be sort of adorable.

The debate goes on. I am afraid the only way to end this is to meet the bags face-to-face, and see what wins out.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Opposite seasons.

Though we are only just entering the dreadful winter season promised by my Upstate residence, my car is encapsulated in ice this morning, I can't help but want to dress (or at least buy) for spring just a little bit.

I blame Bewitched with Nicole Kidman. I'm pretty sure the movie was some kind of flop, but I rather liked it. It's a cute wee film; there are certainly worse movies to spend an hour or so watching out there. Mainly though, I really love the clothes. Specifically this skirt:

It reminds me of one I saw in a store ages and years ago but didn't buy because I couldn't justify the price tag at the time. Oh, my heart is broken for my lapse in judgment! I cringe at the thought of it not belonging to me, of leaving it lonely on the rack, oh ruffles!

But back to the movie. I love her girly skirts and cardigans, purposefully reminiscent of Samantha's outfits on the TV show but perhaps a little sweeter . It's certainly not deeply fashion-foward, but it's appealingly girly in a way that might only work in the movies.

I would also happily own one of the strange frocks Shirley Maclaine wears as Endora because who doesn't love a bit of jewel-toned froth?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Things I cannot Resist.

Anthropologie piled flowers on hair for the cover of their December catalog (I love their catalogs. I have a huge pile of them in my room, from which I like to cut bits and pieces out and glue them to things) and I would like to say that I have been all over this type of thing for at least two weeks:


Okay, so it's on a much smaller scale, but still. I bought PILES of hair flowers at H&M on Black Friday and have been affixing them in large numbers to almost everything I can find. It's a nice little thing when the weather is so terrifically cold that it freezes your eyelashes.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Damned.

There is no way to explain myself. I can only blame it on the fact that when one stares at something long enough, eventually one begins to want it and think it isn't so heinously ugly after all. My offense is rank! I bought a pair of Ugg knock-offs.
I know! I know. I KNOW. I can rationalize my way out of three paper bags, and that is part of why I bough them, but I will try to give you none of that here. (I also blame the snow we got early this morning, dreadful!) My only true defense is that they are at least black ones, not some odious tan or mocha color, and I will never, ever wear them with the following:

1.)Denim skirt, mini or otherwise (not that I own one)
-leggings as pants
3.)Jeans folded up over the tops
-jeans tucked inside
4.)With a North Face jacket
5.)With a Vera Bradley bag.

Okay, here's the other thing. I have been very familiar with Uggs my whole life. My dad had a pair he tossed about two years ago that he had since the 70s. They were beyond dead, with holes in the toes, but I always feel as though I must point out that I've known about Uggs since I was a toddler (as though this somehow makes me more knowledgeable about hideous footwear, or alternately that is an excuse for me to wear something that resembles them). This also makes it somewhat difficult for me to imagine them as something even vaguely acceptable to wear as part of an 'outfit' and not something you wear with a robe in the morning while eating cereal and reading Calvin and Hobbes.
The truth of the matter is that they are warm and comfortable, and with a nice discount from work, Ugg-inspired boots (using the word loosely) seemed like a good idea. At the end of the night, after wrangling with customers trying to return pulverized obviously-worn shoes and throwing boxes around, the trek into the freezing tundra that is the parking lot is made that much easier.
I also mostly wear all black to work, and usually dresses or skirts. I mean, I know I'm losing all my credibility here, but I don't think it looks that bad! They're black, and I wear all black, and I am rationalizing beyond belief here but I cannot make excuses. I bought them, and I wear them, in public.
I'm not saying I can make them work. Or that they are fashionable, or aesthetically pleasing, or contribute anything and I know there are all sorts of winter-boot options out there that aren't these but I do maintain that I can wear them differently. I will be like the crazy lady who walks around throwing on whatever strikes her fancy and keeps her warm. It is not a slippery slope (although, literally, outside it is).
I also repent and make up for it by getting the perfect pair of knee-high suede boots in my grubby little hands. Or, I will have them, come Christmas. I offer up my new cute boots in penance for the offense of the ugg-like monstrosities. Oh, the shame!