Monday, December 10, 2007

Opposite seasons.

Though we are only just entering the dreadful winter season promised by my Upstate residence, my car is encapsulated in ice this morning, I can't help but want to dress (or at least buy) for spring just a little bit.

I blame Bewitched with Nicole Kidman. I'm pretty sure the movie was some kind of flop, but I rather liked it. It's a cute wee film; there are certainly worse movies to spend an hour or so watching out there. Mainly though, I really love the clothes. Specifically this skirt:

It reminds me of one I saw in a store ages and years ago but didn't buy because I couldn't justify the price tag at the time. Oh, my heart is broken for my lapse in judgment! I cringe at the thought of it not belonging to me, of leaving it lonely on the rack, oh ruffles!

But back to the movie. I love her girly skirts and cardigans, purposefully reminiscent of Samantha's outfits on the TV show but perhaps a little sweeter . It's certainly not deeply fashion-foward, but it's appealingly girly in a way that might only work in the movies.

I would also happily own one of the strange frocks Shirley Maclaine wears as Endora because who doesn't love a bit of jewel-toned froth?

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