Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If I can't fit my head inside it, what's the point?

I'm feeling a little freakish lately, for myself. I suppose it was that oh-so out of character purchase of ugg-like boots that sent me over the edge but I am sure I am just about to fall over the edge and there is no going back. (Don't worry, I'm not going into any kind of frightening territory involving leg warmers, flip-flops, and a denim skirt).

After seeing this girl on Fashionist I feel the need to have a small and dainty purse. The last time I used a purse equal to or smaller than my head I was about 9, so this is a rather large step for me. I am fairly certain the purse that girl is using is this one from J. Crew. I'm eating up everything in ridiculous shades of yellow, so I would like this one, I think:

Already I am starting to doubt this Ghost of Purchase Future; there are so many things I need! I am very used to purses inspired by Mary Poppins where I can neatly (or not-so-neatly) tuck away mini sewing kits for impromptu mending, umbrellas, extra pairs of socks, makeup kits, journals and books. Not to mention cell phone, ipod, lots of pens and my massive wallet. Sometimes I use my wallet as a clutch, since I can fit my cell phone and keys in it along with all the other junk I stuff in there.

Somehow I can't shake the feeling that it's a good idea. My brain's rationalizing skills are telling me that it will force me to pare it down, to simplify, to make my shoulders and back feel better! To wear one pair of shoes all day. My large purse has clearly become a kind of security blanket for me. Oh, I am torn! Perhaps it is a little too twee. On the other hand when I wear jeans and hoodies on groggy days it would be sort of adorable.

The debate goes on. I am afraid the only way to end this is to meet the bags face-to-face, and see what wins out.

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  1. I just followed your link to the J. Crew site and there is some really gorgeous jewellery on there, I'm quite jealous I can't get J. Crew in the UK! Did you get the little yellow bag?