Saturday, November 3, 2007

Unabashed girlyness.

Admittedly, I have a squishy spot for ruffles. But seriously, how cute are these!?

Secretly, I have a thing for ruffle-butted underwear. I have a really impractical pair with huge ruffles and a pirate skull on the front (I don't know either) but like I said: impractical. These from American Eagle though seem lovely, in a frothy, delicate, tiered way that I am inevitably attracted to. I also really love AE's underwear. Perhaps this is only another side effect of mall-fashions, but I really like them. They go on sale for pennies, which is nice, and they're pretty without being too prim. I also find them flattering. I will now stop talking about my underwear.

Halloween to-class outfit. I curled my hair in an effort to feel better about myself, and I have to say it always works. I an feeling fashionably down-trodden lately and hate everything in the stores (except for a shirt dress I can't afford and consequently, cannot stop thinking about). That is always the way.

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