Friday, November 9, 2007

Pretty Pauper; Arise Alliteration !

Observing the noisy squirrel.

I broke down and forked over my last 100$ for a new black coat. I didn't have one, my winter coat was lime green and lovely but lime green can only get a girl so far, and it's flattering and pretty and I was very cold. I also bought it with the knowledge that paychecks would be arriving yesterday and was deeply, sorely, depressingly mistaken. I now have 15$ to my poor little name, and am fuming. Of course this happens on the one weekend I spend all my money!

I also notice that I have been wearing a lot of black, navy, and grey lately. This is partially because I have to wear black to work, but also it's sort of comforting and makes the color-filled days more exciting. I do admit, I find it harder and harder to try and come up with creative ways to wear the same black clothes over and over. I suppose this is where our bff jill texture comes in.

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