Thursday, November 8, 2007

A nose in need.

It's cold. We've officially passed into the meteorological realm of "really really cold" almost all the time. Halloween and last Friday were perfect fall days, but now the weather heads into the 40s in the day time. I gave in and dropped my last pennies on a new black coat and now I am a reduced to a pauper (snubs to you, mall delivery man for no paychecks today).

However, I have taken this opportunity to dress myself in all kinds of layers. I find it hard to resist six or seven layers of scarves and hats and gloves with sweaters and socks and many t-shirts. I saw this pom-pom scarf on a few people last year via street style blogs, but resisted buying it since the general consensus around me thought it was heinous. This year however, I don't care what's heinous to other people or not and so I bought it for hardly any money at all since it's from last winter. I feel so blessed! How many times I have passed things up and regretted it for years, but this time it resurfaced, and I am gleeful in my offerings to whatever deity of luck loves me this week. It is clearly not the one of finances.

I am fond of scarves, but also of hats. I have a hard time wearing them myself, except for the ever safe beret option. Which, I really do adore. They come in such fun colors (also,sequins! They also have the added bonus of often being made of wool, and thus keep my poor little apricot ears toasty on those terrible walks from the parking lot to campus. I will continue to collect them. If nothing else, they look amusing dangling on the tops of lampshades.

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