Saturday, November 17, 2007

I dreamt I was hit by lightening.

Lately I have been wanting nothing more than creamy colors and black, silk flowers, drippy hair, lime desserts, paper dolls, and swirly handwriting.

Gustav Klimt

I think it's a combination of the farewell to fall and the first dusting of snow (which came yesterday) along with the lingering impressions of Lula from last month. This does seem to by cyclical for me though, the desire for things flowery and delicate once it gets cold out happens almost every year for me. Last year I knew it was upon my head when I ate these:

constantly. I suppose it's sort of trendy these days, or perhaps it's always been, but I tend to think it harkens back to my childhood and adolescent obsession with The Secret Garden, Alice Liddell, and (because it was on TV last night) Titanic. Not to mention the impending Christmas season.

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