Sunday, November 11, 2007


I remember the first time I started the His Dark Materials series. I was in 5th grade, and every year the librarian from the local public library came and gave a talk about how to get a library card and about the library and all sorts of important boring stuff but the really exciting bits were the new books she brought. I remember she brought The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife. I asked mom for them shortly thereafter and have very vivid memories of sitting on our old porch on a kind of wicker chaise lounge and just inhaling these books.

I think it is safe to say they are more dear to me even than the Harry Potter books, because I was younger yes when I read them, but also because they appealed to me in a more sinister mechanical sense. Deamons also really appealed to me, as did Lyra (and who didn't have a huge crush on Will, fingers and all?).

So, needless to say (what a stupid phrase!) I'm both really excited and very worried about the movie. I feel reasonably alright about it from the trailers and things (despite Nicole Kidman's decidedly golden locks), but what I am also excited about is the costumes. Not a total surprise, but a nice one nonetheless.

For example, I need to own this dress, in my size. Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, I need, I need, I need.

I also love this, with the little smock. I feel this particular image and outfit is very reminiscent of my childhood, since my mom used to make me little dresses like that and my dad often had all kinds of weird mechanical science type things lying around.

Granted, she could make a dishtowel look good, but still. I need it, because I always wanted to be a witch in the manner of Serafina.

I have to admit, I'm not all that crazy about this one but it does work. I do seem to remember her wearing a lot of fur though, or perhaps I just made that up. Either way, it's gorgeous.

Also ft. Daniel Craig and tweed! (I couldn't find any pictures that I didn't hate, so snubs to that) And pirates. Also, a hot air balloonist with a bunny. I cannot wait, I might pass out.


  1. I didn't see it! I hemmed and hawed about it all, and then decided against it. I still haven't decided if I want to see it anymore, since it's a book so close to my childhood and I don't want my visions of it changed just yet!