Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ahh, to drown in pleats!

It's been very hard to bother getting dressed in presentable things lately. I blame the sudden change in the weather (temperatures have dropped and I cannot help but feel resentful of my state resembling the little brother in A Christmas Story. I live in constant fear of falling over on the pavement flailing like an upturned beetle) as well as the fact that Thanksgiving break is nothing like a break at all. The semester is almost over, and I have high hopes that after that life will get back into a less scurrying routine.

Today was the first day this week that I wore something normal to class. Yesterday I wore my newest threadless t-shirt, courtsey of the 10$ sale (which is still still going on till December 16th! Thumbs up for cheap Christmas gifts!) and I have no excuse for the other days. I am concerned about falling into the typical University Fashion Choices, but I think that if I am aware enough of the problem it will not happen. Education is key! In the meantime I have taken to repeating outfits so that I don't feel completely disgusting.

On these fascinating fashion sides of things, I feel that I must locate a skirt of many pleats.

The Sartorialist

On Tuesday one of the girls who works at the hair extentions kiosk outside my store was wearing a just below the knee, dove-grey skirt with thousands of pleats in it. It of course helped that she was slight-of-hips as I am not, but it was captivating! I love the way pleats in great numbers swirl. It reminds me of blinds, or more poetically of those paper accordion fans we used to make in elementary school. I also remember when this skirt was at Target, but I think I also remember that I looked ridiculous in it. Despite this, and like all preciously delicious things, I will not be able to stop thinking about it until I have tried one on again.


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  2. i deleted the previous comment because i only realized it made no sense after i published it.
    what i mean to say was:
    ohh if only you lived in england. my friend bought a grey pleated skirt for £8 (about $16) the other day in primark...even though i am utterly against primark because it's so cheap and everything in there seems to be of low quality and just general tack. but that was a nice skirt. this comment is of no use. :/