Saturday, October 27, 2007

Too Many Hyphens.

With the recent resurgence of stockings, tights, and all manner of hosiery there has been a slow ripple of mentions of the American Apparel two-tone tights that are coming out. These type of things have always been find-able at places like and at other speciality type places but I have to admit that I hadn't thought of wearing them until AA's leggy promo pics sprouted.

At the moment I am picturing them with my New-Winter-Coat-That-I-Have-Not-Bought-Yet-But-I-Tried-It-On-Today-And-Am-In-Love (too many hyphens!) and a sweet little hat and boots or flats, very toned down and preciously quaint and whimsical, before confronted with one of my many worries: Can my little Upstate city handle this?

Lately, I have been ignoring this question in favor of feeling somewhat fashionably-capable but no matter what I can't say it's terribly fun to feel like some kind of alien invader because of wild or outlandish garb. I know that I ought not to care what the identical Ugg wearing, buttocks emblazoned with phrases sweatpants, Abercrombie cologne inhaling snobs think about what I'm wearing but middle school insecurities have an ugly way of resurfacing.

It just seems that lately I have been hearing a lot of “It's great but who can wear that here? In New York or somewhere but not here!” and it's very disheartening. I already feel as though I am missing out on all sorts of fashions and would-be outfits because of our meager retail offerings and the general sweatpants and ill-fitting jeans mindset. What's a girl to do?

American Apparel


I think I shall buy and wear them anyway, and snubs to the rest!

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