Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Striped Shirt

Michelle Phillips

Lindsay Lohan

Michael Kors

Marc Jacobs

Via Face Hunter

I have no idea.

For a while now, I have been on the search for the perfect striped shirt. I have a blue and white one from gap that I bought ages ago but, as with most shirts from gap, the sleeves are rather too short and drive me into madness with constant pushing up.

I have a special fondness for striped shirts. They are, all at once, reminiscent of the early Hot Topic days of 14 (Beetlegeuse anyone? I distinctly remember buying a turtleneck because of it's Tim Burton-esque appeal)and the sharp neatness of nautical paraphernalia. At the moment there seems to be a shortage of perfect striped shirts, but I will continue my most noble hunt, unabated!


  1. Striped shirts look HORRIBLE on me.|-|100000000000000101107&i=1&page=1&q=stripes&searchsubmit.x=0&searchsubmit.y=0&u1=q

    But that's for you.

    They are all expensive, but EH.

  2. Did you ever find the perfect striped shirt?
    I had one, but now it's worn out from too much love =(

  3. I like the one Lindsey is wearing (not neccessarily the actress herself, but the shirt is nice..) And, I have found that it is quite easy to alter sleeve lengths with a simple hem-job :-) when the sleeves are too short and bother you, make them 3/4 length and then they won't!!

    God Bless!!