Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kitten With a Whip

Style-wise, this has been a particularly rough week for me. Starting with a skin tragedy (Note to self: Do not switch moisturizers, no matter how good an idea it seems to be) and moving into frantic midterm territory, I find my outfits are deeply important to my ability to function at all. Most people who know me at least a little bit know when I'm having a bad day—I wear jeans—but this week there has been no other solution but to abandon thoughts of obnoxious color combinations and attempts at stellar wardrobe concoctions and settle into whatever makes me feel good. I wore the above outfit two days in a row (because it is black and thus I can wear it to work, where a lovely gay man who does drag shows used the title of this entry to describe me in my outfit. I feel the day was a success), and have decided that this is an offense I will not apologize for, as it combines a few of the tidbits I find necessary to make me feel like a functioning human being:

1.)A dress. Dresses are, quite honestly, easy to be cute in. I will never feel so good in jeans or trousers as I will in a dress or skirt.
2.)Thrilling hosiery. I have a ridiculous collection of tights, and would sleep in them if I did not feel like the weirdest weirdo.

So that is only two, but they are my favorites. I blame both of them on the various Catholic school uniforms, which I freely admit I miss dearly, that I wore for more than half of my time on Earth. Though in elementary and middle school girls were permitted to wear uniform pants or skirts, no one every really did. I hated the pants* with a vengeance and usually wore a plaid jumper instead. We graduated to plaid, pleated kilts in middle school. High school was a new thing entirely because we wore polo shirts and had two different uniforms: a spring and winter uniform. Anyway, I think this is where my love for skirts and dresses came from.

Second, knee socks and stockings. Most of the time, I wore knee socks. Dark blue or black ones in middle school and below, and mostly white ones in high school (although in the winter dark blue got tossedin there). I love knee socks. I still have most of them, and I admit: I wear them**. Knee socks are the shizz. I also wore stockings a lot, though the cable knit ones were always a problem when I was little. They never stayed up, and since then I have mostly rejected them but perhaps I will once again wander into the world of cable knit. Either way, I blame my years in uniform for 90% of what I wear now.

*I hated most pants. I really hated jeans especially. From the age of 5 to about 14 I was all elbows and knees and nothing fit me right. I have a distinct memory of squirming and feeling dreadful at the thought of having to put on jeans, because I hated the way they felt at my waist.
**I did used to wear these to bed. Not so much anymore, unless I was wearing them in the first place.


  1. I like this creation. Gave me pause.

  2. Finding this post randomly (I regularly read your new entries), I have to say the lovely gay man got it right - kitten with a whip seems so appropriate! I enjoy your blog, thank you for creating!