Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello, knees.

Despite my admittance on a love of knee socks only a few posts down, I have to admit that wearing them with anything other than my old uniforms has been a challenge. I've been able to trot proudly out of the house in over-the-knees with nary a second thought, but something about actual knee socks frightens me. I suppose it is the rest of the knee showing, and it somehow feels much more like a costume to me.

I did end up changing into yellow flats, and then when I discovered a grey sequined pair in my car (those lurkers!) I switched again.


  1. I want to take a kitchy photo of me and my family and did a search for "knee socks" and found this image. What a great photo. The angle, the garage in the background, the wonderfully neutral apparel. You should make postcards of this shot and send it to everyone you know.

  2. Knee socks are back,and look great on you!This is a great shot,and a nice outfit too...