Monday, October 29, 2007

ella, ella, ella

I'm really sorry about the unoriginal title. It really did need to be done though.

I have always wanted a clear umbrella like this one, but mostly, how superb is this picture! It makes me feel as though I ought to have an umbrella to match every outfit.

I adore umbrellas. I doodle them a lot, usually with strange animals like snails (who don't need umbrellas) or mice (who I really hope have tiny mice-sized umbrellas in their tiny lives). The first umbrella I can remember owning had Catwoman on it. It was black and white with grey and yellow, and it was made out of some kind of shiny stretchy vinyl-esque substance. I remember loving it and using it all the time, even when it wasn't raining.

I also had a doll who had a parasol, and I felt that I needed one. I still do, but I don't know how much I would use it. With my complexion (read: clear) it would be handy, but I'm not sure I want to be that eccentric until I'm in my 70s.

Brollies Galore
I am really fond of the old-timey umbrellas like this one, with it's flowery print (I think I have bedsheets that match this), and even with the exchange rate the price isn't too bad.

Brollies Galore
The cutest thing ever. I love impractical, yet somehow novel, ideas.

konstantin grcic

Famous umbrellas:

The Penguin
I know he is a villain, but he had some seriously badass umbrellas. I am also very fond of the idea as umbrellas for transport, which leads me to:

Mary Poppins
Who I must admit, I've never liked much. I think it's that practically perfect in every way thing, although I do like her hat.

The Avengers: Steed
Gratuitous Feinnes posting Honestly, I chose the 1998 version because it's prettier. A man without an umbrella is a fool.

Has a pink umbrella. So do I:

My umbrella. From H&M, unabashedly girly. H&M has some nice, cheap, strange umbrellas. The other day I noticed some simple ones at the register, and might invest in a black one edged with lace to indulge my inner Gothic Lolita.

"Brahms, for all his grumbling and grizzling, had never guessed what it felt like to be suspected of stealing an umbrella. For this fool of a young man thought that she and Helen and Tibby had been playing the confidence trick on him, and that if he gave his address they would break into his rooms some midnight or other and steal his walkingstick too."
E.M. Forster, Howards End


  1. Wonderful post. Umbrellas are the best. I have a (sadly neglected) umbrella blog here featuring loads of my favourite umbrellas.

    I'm also about to start my own company making umbrellas with my designs on them. I'd love to know what you think... there's a link on the blog. x

  2. Love the choices, just wish you could buy quality for a reasonable price.