Sunday, October 21, 2007

Confectionary Causes.


Mrs. London's
Fortnum & Mason



Cupcake Dolls! (Sometimes I swear I can still smell these when I'm out in the world somewhere.)

Lately, I have felt need to become some kind of confection. I would much like to have all sorts of pale, delicate, frothy costumes full of glitter and lace and breathy-light colors. I don't know that it's a particular aesthetic that I can carry off but occasionally I need to engulf myself in things so deliciously and sickeningly girly that I can hardly function. I do think that it becomes more bearable for extended amounts of time when a touch of the gothic or debauched is thrown in there, but at the moment I have not reached that stage. (I confess: I have a soft spot for lolcats.)

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  1. HI!! I was wondering if you knew what designer the pink tiered-sparkle dress is by. I'd love to see the full dress pic and more pieces by that designer. If you get this, can u send me the designer name to at!
    I'd sooo appreciate it!! I love your blog! SO gorgeous!! :)