Thursday, April 17, 2014


(Oops, well. Just gonna mostly ignore that two month silence. As usual.)

I bought new white converse this spring (whenever it gets here proper), the first pair in a bout 8 years. I kind of hate, just a little bit, those articles about classic pieces, that go on like oooo, yes this time-tested brand item that everyone should own! I don't know why, I think I used to enjoy that kind of thing, and I still do, it's only that I'm sick of that tone. 

I like the white ones because they go with everything, mostly. In high school I wore purple ones, I think I went through two pairs, with hideously loud shoelaces patterned with rubber ducks or something equally as silly, and even wore the dumb things to gym class (usually a really awesome outfit of boxers, rolled to low-rise at the waist, with knee socks and some kind of t-shirt. The unofficial uniforms that come about in private schools are really strange). Last year I finally tossed the first white pair. I sort of wish I had kept them to at least editorialize their degradation (coming apart at the sides, stained beyond recognition, the insides tearing up so that the plastic bits started to poke through so that even those were getting worn on the edges). 

The problem was I knew if I kept them in the house for a second longer I would continue to wear them, and really they were probably a flourishing community center for all kinds of bacteria. And so they went. In the interim I've tried other sneakers, little keds type shoes and a pair of cushy white something-or-others that got returned at work, but most days when it wasn't time for flats or something fancier I ended up in my grey pair. Which were fine but.

I feel like the white ones are cooler. I totally buy into that cool thing, you know, dark jeans and striped shirt and white sneakers typical kind of thing but, eh. Whatever. 

The problem now is that they're new, this pair, and I feel so profoundly uncool wearing them. Which is totally dumb I mean, everyone has a new pair of shoes at some point, but I feel like I want to carry around a little card to hand out that says I have cred because they're not my first pair okay, the original ones just started cutting into my heels and it's less cool when the blood on your shoes is your own. 

Uncomfortably new shoes

At the same time I'm kind of afraid to get them dirty. Yeah, I know, of all the things to be dual minded about today, I pick sneakers. I'm sucking it up and wearing them to work at the bakery, where I am sure I will drop coffee and buttercream and probably egg all over them. We gotta get to know each other, me and these dumb sneakers, at the very least so that they break in and are comfortable. I figured I better get at least one picture of them before they get all bedraggled. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow White Vibes.

More pictures hanging out in the snow! I find it so difficult to post much in the winter--everything just gets covered up with a coat anyway, and for the most part I spend my days in stretch pants and big wooly sweaters.

But then when we get that significant snow I'm somehow thrilled. My fingers and toes are frozen, cheeks and noses get all red, and yet hanging out in the snow is almost as exciting as it was as a kid, and somehow all I want to do is wear a crazy outfit and blog about it. I'm also trying to, you know, figure out what I want to do with this funny little space on the internet. Things have slowed down for the past few months as I think and re-think, and I don't want to abandon it but somehow I'm not entirely sure I want to just do outfit posts all the time.

And then I thought well, no, it doesn't have to be just the things I wear in real life. I spend a lot of time writing weird little stories for myself, making pinterest boards for characters and concepts and weird ideas, I might as well start doing the same in my backyard, with the bits of my closet that don't get to see the light of day too often because it's delicate, or I bought it out of love because it reminded me of something fantastical. 

I've had this dress for two years or so, mostly just hanging on the wall. I've never really worn it for more than a few minutes around the house to make some adjustments to it here and there, and it's not exactly the most flattering frock in the world. Which, is not exactly the dress's fault. It's a 1910s child's dress, so you know. The waist hits in a strange spot and as usual my shoulders, a tricky body part for me and vintage anyway, don't quite line up with its lines either but somehow I rather like it anyway. 

I got it because it was a reasonable price, and it reminded me of the linen dress Briony wears in Atonement, something silk and perfect for summer in a 1920s sipping something lemony under some trees on a dock somewhere. Because, you know, I can never resist telling myself a little story. 

The warm-weather dream is out of reach at the moment, we're sitting in the crux of winter where there's enough time left that I'm trying very hard not to let my mind wander to the days of shorts and novelty print bathing suits, camping, and walks home from work at dusk, gelato season, music on porches (see? I can't help it, I spend one minute loving the snow and the next missing freckle-weather). I just didn't want to hide this little number under a coat or sweater, and really it's not that cold anyway! After those negative temperatures, 30 and snowing seems positively balmy. I grabbed some woolly over-the-knee-socks, shoved on my clompiest snow boots, and let the snow encrust my curls. 

Dress: Vintage, Earrings: Dogeared

This dress will get to summer eventually but for now I figure I might as well take advantage of the Snow White Vibes I try to cultivate on a somewhat daily basis, indulging in a little bit of fairy tale costumery. 

All that said (gosh, I'm feeling so rusty with my blog-writing skills! I'm tempted to go back and delete this whole thing but I'll leave it, a testament to myself not to fall out of practice), there's nothing I love more than the outtakes that result from blinking:

It's just a little bit hilarious, which is always nice. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Wear.

We've got real snow! So far it's been a weird winter, getting a truckload of the white stuff dropped on us only to have it melt within a week, strange 30 and 40-something temperatures feeling like a bizarre heat wave. It makes for bad driving and wet ankles, but seeing as I'm off from work for a few days, I'm pretty happy to be inside writing and doing laundry (with the occasional Pushing Daisies rewatch, making me ache just a little bit for spring) and occasionally hopping around in the white stuff. 

Mostly I need to talk about these jeans. I've wanted flannel lined jeans for years, but it wasn't until now that I finally got myself a pair, thanks to my BFF's generosity in gifting me a pair as part of my Christmas gift! I almost never take them off. For someone who hardly wears pants, especially jeans, this is a pretty big deal, but I'm pretty sure there isn't anything more cozy, especially on days like today when it's 5 degrees out at 2pm, and threatening to dip into the -20s overnight. 

Jeans: Eddie Bauer, Coat: J. Crew, Hat: Laura's Vintage, Boots: L.L. Bean Boots the 30$ no name version, Socks: Who knows!

I've been much more relaxed this year about dressing for the cold. It means I end up in the same oversized grey sweater more often than not, and my feet haven't seen the light of day besides the time it takes to hop in and out of the shower for all the time they've spent bundled up in two pairs of thick socks, but it also means I can bust out some ridiculous head wear now and then.

I snatched up this puff last spring, I think, from Laura's Vintage but never actually got to wear it. I've been waiting all summer, and then fall, and then the early days of winter, for some sign of proper snow to wear it. Somehow it only seems proper to wear it on snowy days, and especially around or after the holidays. 

I've also finally gotten my daily jewelry in order. My little Catbird Dark Side of the Moon ring has company, with the little gold band I found on the ground somewhere, and added a little arrow ring from a little local shop! 

This all means that so far it's been the kind of season where I reach for my regulars, a favorite coat or sweater, shove my feet into some boots and call it a day, and vowing not to think much more about it. Happy New Year everyone! I know it's been a slow one on here, but thanks for sticking around! Here's to another good one, I hope!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Be Creepy.

Earlier today, amidst the pre-Thanksgiving flurry of cleaning up the house, doing laundry, taking inventory of the food we have and need, mom told me she was going to pick up the cheesecake she ordered for Halloween. I knew what she meant, if only in part because Halloween is a holiday as dear to me as Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

It's weeks past now, nearing on a month, and besides a dumb little post on tumblr I let the time pass without so much as a breath about it here. I traveled for Halloween, treating it like a proper holiday and getting out of town, hunkering down in a hotel just outside of Salem, MA and deciding to leave the borrowed camera at home. Of course I had an outfit planned, a kind of costume, but mostly I just wanted an excuse to dress in something I probably wouldn't on a normal day. 

be creepy

So it turns out that I have hardly any pictures from the handful of days there, save for a few on instagram, and none at all of the creepy Halloween dress I ended up wearing. Which I'm pretty okay with. My attempts at recreating the outfit didn't really pan out--as it was we were rained on for the actual Halloween night, which was spent just wandering around watching everyone else and waiting for fireworks--once I got home, the light escaped and I'm still getting the hang of being in front of my own camera again. 

be creepy
Dress: Laura's Vintage, Bag: Don't remember, but it's real old. 

I first saw this dress hanging at Laura's Vintage over the summer, and couldn't quite get it out of my mind. I've got it hanging on my wall now, but someday I'd like to do something proper creepy with it. It seemed wrong to let the two little shots that came out a little bit okay languish on tumblr, and since we're rounding out the last autumn holiday tomorrow it seemed this was the deadline for them to make an appearance here!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Woods While.

attempts at climbing.

I'm ready for cold weather this year. So far it's been back and forth, one week we're huddling down under blankets and using warm mugs and hot laptops to keep warm, eating dinner sitting on the floor by the fireplace, and the next finding winter coats too warm and shoving hats back into pockets. I'm finding my little outfit niche is somewhere between funny little dresses with red lipstick and camp socks , wool hats, chunky sweaters. No one does this quite like Cassie and I keep finding myself in awe at how every one of her instagram outfits is complete Twin Peaks Rabbit Fur Coat Wood Nymph in the Forest Gets a Day Job perfect. 

bump on a log.

bump on a log.

fall footwear uniform

It's been nice lately to have a few weekends away for photoshoots and visits, I feel like this is a year where I've not wasted autumn. It was a typical leaf-chasing season, where my activities had me driving about and following the line of changing, falling trees until everywhere is just naked branches waiting for snow. I'm still crunching around though, not entirely ready for the white stuff to make it's debut. 

more woods.
Coat: J. Crew winter 2012, Skirt: Vintage/thrifted, Shirt: J. Crew winter 2013, Belt: thrifted, Hat: J. Crew Mens, Pin: Vintage, Boots: Steve Madden via Macy's, Socks: Who knows.


ugh titles.

I put myself on a bit of a shopping ban for a while there, for practical reasons, and found it makes me less inclined to let go of my hard-earned pennies. I broke recently, because of this shirt, but I've already worn it enough that I'm not feeling too guilty about it. I'm trying to rediscover my closet, learn what I really will wear the most, and spend the time reworking outfits I already wear to make new ones. I've got doctor bills, broken cameras (still), car woes, and regular old life things to pay for first. It make the occasional splurge feel a little bit nicer, and less guilty about the sweaters and skirts languishing in my closet. 

I wore this coat plenty last winter, and photographed it a few times, though it never ended up on the blog. Somehow in my dreams of summer I forgot about it entirely and was pretty pleased when I pulled it out of the winter pile for this year. I also rediscovered a little rabbit trimmed gal of a coat I'd plucked from an antique store bag-sale in May, totally forgotten and now a gem I can't wait to wear. 


boots on a log.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Elemental Child

Just about a month ago now, I excitedly packed myself into my car for a daytrip out to MA to visit Courtney Brooke and wear some pretty crowns for Elemental Child's debut collection lookbook!

Elemental Child

Elemental Child

The entire day was such a lovely experience, not only wearing beautiful pieces made by Gillian and pieces of Courtney's amazing wardrobe,  but hanging out with these two ladies (and the amazing Samantha Chaplin,  my bone-structure sister!) is and was such a joy. Every piece was just stunning, wonderfully crafted and full of magic. 

Elemental Child

Elemental Child

Elemental Child

Elemental Child

Elemental Child

These are just a very few images from the lookbook and day, to see more of them (and perhaps scoop up a crown for yourself) please visit the Elemental Child site and shop.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Beret-ed Post.

Beret Weather

That might be the worst pun I've made in a long time, but then, it's been a long time! I'm borrowing a camera again,  although it seems like I've finally got my saving on track and should be able to fix my baby very soon. I'm out of practice though, it was much harder getting back into the swing of taking my own pictures than I thought it would be!

Beret Weather
Skirt: J. Crew Fall 2012, Blouse: Vintage formerly my mother's, Jacket: Thrifted 90s J. Crew, Socks: Forever21, Bag: Vintage, Scarf: Vintage, Hat: Formerly my grandmother's, Shoes: Vintage via allen company on etsy.

Beret Weather

Beret Weather

I've been working my best to rock knee socks as often as possible, because once winter falls it's all tights and camp socks as far as the eye can see (I've already made the transition to leggings and wool socks at night!). We're not in peak leaf season just yet--at least, not on my street--and I'm trying to fight the feeling that I'm not getting my best outfits out, that I need to take more pictures of leaves and scenery because this season is the best and the shortest. 

Beret Weather

The downside is I've been doing a lot of the Knee-Socks Dance. It's something I forget about, and I'm so used to it from back in my uniform days, but there it is, in all it's glory. Somehow I've yet to find over-the-knees that don't squeeze my legs but also stay up of their own accord. 

Beret Weather

Beret Weather

I'm also battling bang-fever something awful lately. It's the season (somehow I feel like hats always look a little better with bangs), and TV is no help (I'm looking at you New Girl). For now I'm going to try to content myself with bobby-pins and a bang comb-over, but my fingers and forehead are itching and dancing for the scissors. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Broken Cameras: Instagram Summer.

My camera is tucked away at the camera hospital, awaiting a new shutter, and it seems this little corner of the internet has been quite silent as a result. I suppose I've taken the time to think about what I want it to be here, assessing my closet habits, and imposing a ban on buying any new clothing (gotta save those pennies to fix the camera!). I guess it was a little bit of a blog-vacation, although I do miss it, and I'll be glad to get back into the swing of things (a phrase I rely on an awful lot, but there's nothing so comforting as a verbal cliche). I've been relying on my phone to chronicle the summer, and while I know I should exercise use of the actual camera, I'm still fond of how snap-shotty instagram is, capturing moments and all.


If you've been keeping up with me on instagram you'll have seen these already, but I liked the idea of compiling a smattering of the for a blog post.  It's been a summer better than last, with all sorts of activities, amusement parks and dancing and camping, vintage fashion shows, hikes to frog paradises, slide shows in the backyard, meeting favorite authors, lipstick, bubblegum, writing and wolves, stories, and slurps. 


At the moment I'm stuck in a weird frame of mind. The weather lately has been sublime, perfect to a shocking degree, sun-drunk and breezy with that golden brown tinge that lingers from the slow burn of summer. Nights are cool and a little bit humid, and every now and then I see a tree that is starting to turn at the edges. There's a smell in the air in the morning, autumn is coming, and I'm looking forward to it. Until knee socks and sweaters and donuts crisped in cinnamon sugar though, it's time to fling both arms around summer and squeeze the last of it's sweet drops out. Clearly, the whole thing has got me feeling sickeningly lyrical to a really cloying degree, and I don't care.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Knotting Along.

Summer uniform 2013 edition

I love this outfit but I also feel real weird about it. I love high-waisted things, because I have a small waist and am sort of self-conscious about my butt/hip/thigh area (yeah I know, me and like 900% of everyone ever), and since crop-tops started popping up again the combination was something I really wanted to try. 

But it feels weird at first, wearing it. Maybe because I'm generally the kind of person who stays pretty covered up, who has to worry about getting too many freckles or sunburn, but all of the sudden I was like whoa I feel exposed. It's a stupid thought because hello, it's only like what, two inches maybe of midriff that are showing? 

Summer uniform 2013 edition
Skirt: Vintage, Shirt: J. Crew, Shoes: T.J. Max, brand unknown, Bag: Vintage/thrifted,  Sunglasses: Faces in Northampton, MA, Necklace: Vintage, Nail Polish: FACE for J. Crew in 'Neon Sunset'.

Summer uniform 2013 edition

Anyway, I got over it (mostly). I've actually had a hard time finding crop tops I like, so I've taken to just knotting t-shirts instead. The downside is then the t-shirts get all weird and wrinkled at the bottom, but I can deal. 

The skirt is one I bought last year in anticipation of my birthday, but then it rained so hard that day that it seemed unwise to wear it in case I ended up soaking wet during a dash to the car. I also have a hard time with circle skirts. I love them so often on other people, and I've amassed a nice little pile of them that I never wear. I just feel really hippy (as in, whoa girl's got hips) in a way I'm not totally used to in them. Getting over that too, and finding that my tied t-shirt solution is helping. 

This has quickly become a go-to outfit for me, either with skirts or shorts, especially in the more recent weeks of intense humidity and sun. My instinct is to just throw something on, but in an effort to wear an actual outfit this year's summer uniform is making things a little easier. 

Summer uniform 2013 edition

Summer uniform 2013 edition

I'm also noticing I have a lot of outfit-post crutches when it comes to posing for the camera with the self-timer. Especially if I have a prop, like sunglasses, I can't leave those things alone.

Summer uniform 2013 edition
Sneak peak at what I do between photos--trying to fluff my hair up a bit.

Summer uniform 2013 edition

Monday, June 24, 2013

Wearing the Book: Stardust.

Wearing the Book: Stardust

Last Thursday something happened that I was really, really excited about. Neil Gaiman, a favorite author since middle-school-dom, was going to be visiting one of my favorite local cities for a reading and book signing. The second I heard this I frantically snatched up a ticket, as did my best gal pal and her husband, and we spent the next few weeks being really excited about the whole thing, trying to decide what to wear (costumes?), and wondering over what books we should bring to be signed. 

Originally we thought we would go in costumes (as the personification of War, horse-person of the apocalypse, and Anathema Device, both from Good Omens), but time and procrastination, and really hot summer days along with neither of us possessing a sword appropriate to bring to a public event, made us rethink it. 

And then I realized, I owned the perfect dress to mimic one of my favorite book covers. 

Wearing the Book: Stardust
Dress, belt, and headband are all from J. Crew from various seasons. Necklace is Lulu Frost for J. Crew, shose are from Madewell last summer.  I try not to make all the pieces come from one place but oops, it happens anyway.

It's not the kind of thing I normally wear. I bought it because the color makes me thirsty, because it has pockets, and because it's the kind of simple silky throw on and go to battle kind of dress that I always want, but never quite seem to be able to pull off. In the interest of stepping outside of comfort zones I snatched it up.

So far in this series (which I have both woefully ignored for a while and seem to have mostly dressed in books that are blue) I've just tried to mimic the aesthetics of the cover without alluding much to the contents, but given that this was for a special event, it made sense to wear a dress that not only matched the colors of the cover, but that also had some kind of Stardust-y fairy-tale-esque quality to it. So, you know. Perfect dress, I guess.

Wearing the Book: Stardust

Wearing the Book: Stardust

Wearing the Book: Stardust

The event did not disappoint. I'm still working my way through The Ocean at the End of the Lane, but it's quite lovely and quietly heart-breaking. We giggled in our seats and listened to a favorite author read to us, in a room chock-full (1,500 people!) of people all of a similar mind and fandom (there's nothing better, or I love nothing better, than a room full of dorks whether it be about fashion or books or movies).  

I even got really lucky, when they chose my question to close out that portion of the event, which earned me a laugh from most of the audience as well as a handshake in line when it came to be my book's turn to be signed (for the record, I got my battered, taped together, underlined and yellowing copy of Good Omens signed, as well as the special edition of Stardust pictured here).

My question was: "How many secrets can you keep in your hair, and is that where you get your metaphors?"  The answer, I believe, was "All of them". For the rest of the night I was The Girl Who Asked the Hair Question!

I was so happy and excited for the rest of the evening and day, and I'm still pretty thrilled by the whole thing!

Wearing the Book: Stardust
Wearing the Book: Stardust

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Thank you to Amy for stopping and snapping these shots for me!